Water purifier marketing campaign strategy broke the news

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   When the peoples demand for water purification products growing, water purifier industry also will join the booming up, then you want to have their own character in this highly competitive market water purifier and can have stable market, how to do it? Xiao Bian combines the major water purifier brand manufacturers to do the exhibition marketing experience to sum up the following points, hoping to give the majority of franchisees bring to think.


   (1) Price: the price war will always be the marketing tool of choice for dealers, it is appropriate at a given point discount on the price, the appropriate discount activities, or membership card points system, integral feedback you can keep a lot of loyal customers.

   (2) Promotion prize: a discount may be directly replaced by the above-described prize is to meet the hearts of the people luck. So that customers are happy to be willing to visit. The emphasis is on repeat business. Benefits will allow customers reluctant to leave. Some stores hold regular promotions offline, so that people can get involved in prizes to reward such a product in order to achieve the effect of word of mouth.


   (3) holiday promotion: for promotion in certain holidays. Such as Mothers Day promotion water purifier, buy carnations gift, send the Dragon Boat Festival dumplings. And so on ... people are also concerned about some of the daily necessities of daily life. Water purifiers to improve the quality of life, has been widely accepted by the public, the people are also very happy to buy. Incidentally, when these festival activities can also rub a little heat, because the holidays when we would often go out shopping with the family, and that this is the case, and family health shopping desires will hook up.

   (4) live demonstrations, user experience personally, on-site inspection, more convincing.

   (5) The publicity surrounding neighborhood: Volkswagen say, is really good user feedback often get some products to consumers who already bought, so that consumer feedback is real! the best ad!

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