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   one week inventory information and insight into the industry dynamics. 2018 "Dayan Award" presentation ceremony was held, China Liansu again gains double awards; Haier whole house water purification system sets CMX 2019 debut Goodaymart strategy conference; Ho Chak stationed Global 100 airports, tailor-altitude airport drinking water solution; water purification industry research seminar and symposium local standards standard system held ...... more exciting information, all in China water purifier net!



   2018 "Dayan Award" ceremony held in China Liansu awards double gains again

   January 6, the sixth Chinese domestic industry development annual Conference and Chinas domestic industry leaders summit and awards ceremony held at the Beijing national Convention Center, China Liansu with achievements and contributions in the field of environmental protection industry, China won the home building industry leader in environmental protection and sanitary ware brand leading brand.



   micro-assessment: It is reported that leading water purifier is still China Liansu important projects in the field of environmental protection products, has focused on providing for human safety, health, fashion net water solution, the Liansu won the "China environmentally friendly home building materials industry leading brand," of course, can not do without water purifier collar still contribute to their career development and environmental protection.

   Haier whole house water purification system sets CMX 2019 debut Goodaymart strategy conference

   January 13, "build a platform to create ecological integrity of the brand," 2019 Goodaymart community Eco-release strategy and media communication will be held in Beijing. Haier whole house water purification system as set CMX star product blockbuster debut, with "autopilot" luxury, value and color, intelligence fusion double play attracted many reporters and media professionals gathered to experience.



   micro-assessment: "Automatic" or small series of water purification products for the first time to see, in addition, it is worth mentioning that Haier Bo Rui R & D team had to include the iF, red dot, G-mark and more than 100 international design awards, including a number of Gold and supreme Award, it has also become an important reason for the overall design of Haier Bo Rui glimpse of.

   Ho Chak stationed Global 100 Airport drinking water solutions

   high altitude users

   Recently, Ho Chak direct drinking water equipment stationed in the Global 100 airports, the two major domestic hub airport a long water Kunming international AirportField, low boiling point for water sterilization difficult and hard scale and more problems at high altitudes, tailor-altitude airports drinking water solutions to protect the safety of drinking water users.


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   micro-assessment: Kunming Airport is not the only provider of high-altitude Ho Chak water purifier service airport, it is understood that, as of the end of 2018, Ho Chak water purifier has been fully settled Lijiang Airport (altitude 2245 m), Xining airport (elevation 2178 m), Lanzhou airport (elevation 1947 m) altitude airports, etc., to provide safe clean water services to airport staff and passengers, and received good feedback.

   water purification industry standard for local standards symposium Symposium held system

   In order to accelerate the water purification industry standard system, effectively guide the water industry to carry out standardization work, by the quality and technical Lianyungang Integrity inspection Center hosted the "water purification industry standard for the forum & seminar local standards system" on the afternoon of January 8, was successfully held in Lianyungang City.



   micro-assessment: This meeting of water purification products manufacturing enterprises in the production and sales of mining process has a positive role in promoting the mark, it will improve the standard of knowledge and understanding to solve enterprise doubts standard understanding in order to promote the upgrading of quality standards to enhance and promote the development of high-quality water purification industry.

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