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   In recent years, with the upgrading of consumption, improve quality of life, people are increasingly concerned about the health and health requirements for drinking water quality have become more sophisticated, household water purifier home improvement has become standard. According to relevant data, water purifier industry market size in 2014 reached 15.69 billion yuan in 2015 - Continuing to rise in 2016, the water purifier market in 2017 retail sales of 32.89 billion yuan, forecast to 2018, the water purifier market size will reach 38.6 billion yuan.

   high-growth market behind the water industry, there have been some problems, uneven product quality, production process is not guaranteed, is not convenient to use, perfect service, of which the biggest problems consumers have three points: clean water quality, the water, convenience.

   For the water purifier, the quality of the film directly determines the quality and life of the water purifier. Water purifier membrane technology-based products, and differences in membrane filtration water purifier using different levels of the difference to bring the clean water quality. Film processing include microfiltration (MF), ultrafiltration (the UF), nanofiltration (NF) and reverse osmosis (RO), these types of membrane filtration to the highest accuracy of an RO membrane, it can be 0.0001 microns, quite to one hundred thousandth the diameter of a human hair, can filter out bacteria, heavy metals, viruses and other harmful substances. Quality imported US Dow RO membrane unanimously approved by the international desalination rate among the leading international level, the higher the rate of desalination is the stronger purification ability of the RO membrane. A good water purifier, in addition to the RO membrane using imported Dow RO membrane than if the other few levels of filtration can be internationally recognized high-quality imported films, then clean water quality will also be given maximum protection.

   out of water

   water purifier is that consumers use the most direct experience. When using a water purifier, consumers often encounter a common industry - a relatively small amount of water purifier, wait for a long time, even for a large flux without a tub of water purifier, the water is still small , the waiting time is still not reduced. Under small family size, the family barely able to meet the needs of drinking water, if large population of family or home to the guests, a one-time water consumption slightly larger, there may be no water for the embarrassing situation.

   ease of installation, after the purchase of water purification machines, long troubled by a consumer problem, including cartridge installation, replacement, volume. Many consumers take into account the home kitchenSmall size, installation factors inconvenient, forced to abandon the use of only water purifier; some short-lived because of the filter, the filter accessory stores in short supply, replacement and installation have professional installation on-site, balk at the idea ......

   [123 ] in response to these problems plagued consumers pain points, well-known comprehensive public Supor brand home appliances, water purification industry in recent years continue to accumulate technology, to attract high-tech talent, since 2017, launched a series of water purification products, agreed by the consumers praise, and received many awards.


   It is understood that Supor about to launch in mid-August has a number of patented technologies, at the same time with a plurality of black science and technology, and consumers can solve the three major pain points the new water purifier new products, Supor through careful excavation consumer demand, painstaking research and development of water purification technology truly high quality, large amount of water, but also to provide consumers with a good and convenient experience. Throughout the booming trend of domestic water purifier market, adding new Supor new products, in 2018 the water purifier market is about to usher in a new change.

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