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   because of the expansion of the water purifier market, more and more people are added to the water purification industry in the past. Besides, the state encourages individuals to start, so the water purifier industry which, more and more manufacturers, agents also more and more. This is because the water purifier to join the threshold is not high, not too high demands on the technology agents, generally as long as enough money on the line!

   but many water purification agents said that although the water purifier to join the threshold is not high, but the competition is really big, the pressure is very big! for agents who is afraid of nothing more than to join, agents, but no customers to come buy! purifiers joined on the surface of agents no substantive requirement, in fact, demand for water purifier agents still very high! first of all, you must have thought of marketing! that how water purification agents do marketing? following small series we talk about!



   1, selling water purifiers perception is very important

   water purification industry in Ningbo Li fought for three years and more, and now he owns two water purifiers stores, with sales counter in Intime while two hundred shopping malls. Due to long-term deal with the water purifier, Mr. Li has a reputation in the industry. He believes that this traditional industry in water purification, operators should start with understanding, a certain ability to grasp the water purification industry trends.

   2, the choice of road is very important

   With city business circles, the rapid development of shopping centers, water purifier business area is increasingly concentrated, in general, choose to open stores high-traffic street water purifier more appropriate. However, these places are also very deadly thing, that is, high rent, water purifier similar, difficult to highlight features. Of course, the operator can also choose to open water purifier stores in less prosperous areas, but the interior decoration to the grade, have characteristics of business, out of the provinces rent for advertising, increase awareness, you will receive an unexpected results.

   3, to have a good image

   the image of efficiency, image strokes popularity, store image is a water purifier brands first business card. To enhance the water purifier brand competitiveness, the terminal stores with the brand operators to implement a unified brand image renovation and upgrading. Always give your shop to do "physical", to check whether the goods confusion, whether on display clutter, whether the lights dim, whether staff and loose. If you shopDistribution products placed chaos, disorder and other display then even the best water purifier brand image will be gone, so what is the big brand management and development?

   4, good after-sales service

   [ 123] after-sales service is an effective measure to maintain customer satisfaction and loyalty. Water purification products different from other home appliances, its uniqueness lies in the filter, the filter should be replaced regularly, the water purifier business service team will often come into contact with old customers and win the praise of customers, establish a good reputation, It is also an effective way to get new customers, and expand market share.

   If you want to join water purification agents, then, is to learn to communicate with different groups and talk! Also, do water purification agents, then there is a very important thing is to choose the net more powerful water manufacturer brand!

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