The right choice for water purification method! You know it-

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  The right choice for water purification method! You know it? 2019-2-22 9:42:48

as a consumer, to buy a good product is certainly able to solve many troubles for life. And buy an inferior product, it will cause a lot of unnecessary trouble their lives.


Nobody do not want to buy a good product, the same, nor who would be happy to buy inferior products. Many people use poor-quality products, most of which are not truly want to buy, but do not understand the reason for the product, industry or market dealers believe the publicity.


The water purifier products is undoubtedly one of the typical. To choose a good water purifier can purify sewage, protect peoples drinking water health. And to choose a low-quality water purifier, not only did purifying effect, but cause secondary pollution, long-term harm to the health of users.


Many people think that the merits of the water purifier is not much harm, no seriously. But in fact not the case, the negative impact of a low-quality water purifier produced far greater than we ever imagined.


It can be said, in essence, low-quality water purifier "sewage" on those small manufacturers of small ads posted most scale, plant and poorly equipped, no technology.


These inexpensive water purifier filter material used, although different, but all using the activated carbon, PP cotton basic media, adding additional hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane or KDF (copper zinc alloy) composite made. However, since the detection technique does not pass or other reasons, but off, wherein the activated carbon is very likely "arsenic exceeded."


Many people know, inorganic arsenic is carcinogenic, excessive intake can cause skin cancer and other cardiovascular, well-known arsenic, i.e., an arsenic compound. So water purifier harm so much, we must keep their eyes open, pick a * safe.


The main function is to improve the water quality of the water purifier to remove chlorine, heavy metals, suspended solids and other harmful substances, but the use of substandard water purifier, but will pollute the water. How to choose a qualified water purifier, the source of small series give you the following advice.


First, view the documents. Depends on dealer sales documents (business license, organization code certificate, tax registration certificate, etc.) are complete. Also, are there to drink the health sector *Water hygiene and safety issued health permits.


Second, understanding quality. Water quality good areas, you can buy a water purifier filter; chlorinated water, the taste is heavy polluted area, or have a family direct drinking needs, optional reverse osmosis water purifier.


Third, look filtrate. North and the South of limestone of high hardness region, water calcium and magnesium ion content is high, the ion exchange resin should buy tape cartridge * water purifier filter. Chlorinated water, heavier odor heterochromatic regions, optional large amount of activated carbon home water purifier.


An multi-filter built LIMITED Seoul boiling system, but with advanced techniques and step-heating heat exchange technology, to ensure safe water saving and environmental protection at the same time, is a good choice.






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