-Win the future cohesion counterparts enjoy- How successful

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   [network] water purifier investment May 18 afternoon, the five of "cohesion counterparts, enjoy win the future" as the theme of Henan field of water purification elite forum was successfully held, delegates on the industry outlook, Nuggets issue a breakthrough, hardcover room influence and standardized development conducted in-depth discussion ......


   steady growth, water purifier market continued expansion

   in the last two years of home appliances market, water purification product market performance can be described as dazzling, after ten years of market cultivation, water purifier market is already the transition to the stage of rapid development. Because the people in line with the "health", "safety" rigid demand, consumption upgrade in the environment, health, small appliances continues to heat up, demand has also been released as water purification products, one of which, the market continued expansion!

   actively explore and extend to leveraging the market

   water purification products because of their own "health", "safety" and other attributes, high hopes, much market attention. However, despite the experienced 20 years of development, the entire water industry is still in the early stages of development of high profit margins, market penetration and brand awareness is still not high, the industry has not really entered the high-speed take-off stage. As more and more influx of brand industry, the profit of a single water purification products continue to be diluted, people in the industry are actively looking for a new breakthrough in the hope of leveraging the market, the success of the Nuggets.

   Although the rapid expansion, the water industry is not fully mature period of great development. At present, the industry has continued to explore how to maximize the market increments, so as to promote the market penetration of water purification products, water purification to enhance brand awareness in the market. For the siege of hardcover room, the industry generally believe, hardcover housing project can amplify the amount of increased demand, the opportunities outweigh the challenges!

   installed as heavy industry needs standardized development

   is the whole house water purification water purification market trends, but the whole house water purification is a systematic project, one-third of products, seven installation. Currently on the market each brand uneven level of service and installation, also broke a lot of leakage accident, seriously affecting the reputation of the user whole house water purification products, but also restricted the healthy and sustainable development of the industry. The industry is very anxious, have called for the standardization of the industry.

   water purifier is a high-risk industry, if the water pipe burst, water leakage and other accidents occur not only take great cost to the industryIt is also a great harm. Currently water industry has yet to be white-hot competition stage, still maintained a reasonable profit, we should work together to enhance the installation standards and services, and promote the healthy, healthy development of the whole industry.

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