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   "Gee, a water purifier actually be tens of thousands of dollars, an expensive water purifiers, water purification effect must be better?" Recently, the public Liu wanted to buy a water purifier, a look only to the Internet , the most expensive actually be more than 60,000 dollars. Are expensive water purifier really worth buying? Reporter visited some markets and found that the water purifier to buy Degui not necessarily buy right.


鍑€姘村櫒 涔板緱璐典笉涓€瀹氫拱寰楀

   market: many brands, the price gap is large

   Recently, the reporter visited the home appliance market found that the water purifier market a wide range, there are hundreds of brands and more, some of the major brand water purifier has a separate counter. At the same time, water purifier price gap is large, ranging from a few hundred dollars to several million.

   In an example wherein a ultrafiltration water purifiers, there is a "clean filter element", "filter element composite small molecule", "hydrophilic smart filter" and other technologies, the price --8000 from 1000 yuan per month, while the choice of which water filter is better, the sales staff claimed that, as a whole are good, the price will be expensive little better.

   Subsequently, the reporter in the online search and type of water purifier brand found a total of 5557 models related products, prices ranging from tens of dollars to more than 60,000 yuan. Among them, the most expensive is Smith AU-B1 direct drinking water purifier, the price of 61,197 yuan. The 10,000 yuan --3 million price of water purifiers over hundreds of the most expensive water purifier is Patio QR-RU-05B series, the price is only 14 yuan.

   Secret: water purifier hidden secret

   reporter learned, from water purification technology point of view, can be divided into an electrolytic water purifier, film, three kinds of activated carbon.

   said first electrolyzed water purifier which energy consumption, and easy to attach and ion contamination, we do not recommend the purchase; followed by activated carbon technology, this water purifier requires purification by activated carbon adsorption the water in the need for regular disinfection, or easy to breed bacteria, but also limited the types of pollutants can be activated in addition to the ordinary; then there is a water purification membrane technology currently in the market water purifier membrane treatment technology is the most widely used one of the processing by membrane technology, can effectively remove the water of calcium, magnesium, bacteria, organic, inorganic, metal ions, radioactive substances, and the like. Water purification process of membrane technology, although capable of water, but if water useful for the human body to remove ions, long-term drinkingThe use of such water is not good.

   In addition, the reporter also learned that water purification equipment water purification process will produce waste water is unavoidable technical problems, consumers considering the purchase, but also the part of these costs are included in the cost.

   In general, the higher the price, the higher the degree of purification of water purifiers tend to produce more waste water, but that does not mean that these contain harmful substances in water, but water purifier manufacturing water purification process would be a waste of water.

   Reminder: water purifier to buy do not buy expensive

   It is worth noting that the current water purifier on the market are not necessarily all qualified products. Relevant information, now there are about 3,000 water purifier manufacturers, only about 1200 received the document health permits, most of them are "black factory."

   The reporter found that the current, water purifier production is still lack of uniform industry standards, foreign brands available in the market prices are high, consumers would think that a sub-price goods, all expensive, it certainly is good.

   but it is not. Related to remind the industry, some claiming to imported products water purifiers, not necessarily all imported raw materials. Therefore, in the purchase of "imported original water purifiers," should carefully examine its "import related to drinking water hygiene and safety products health permits this document."

   The seal of approval document issued by the health department, also available online to verify authenticity, including the brand and model specifications should check to check. Eligibility for imported materials, product sales also check customs import documents, import inspection certificate, import tax and other documents or copies.

   In addition, the purchase of a water purifier and a post-maintenance costs. Water purification must regularly replace the filter, the filter, the corresponding burden of purchasing high-end brand has become even more severe. The public key is the right product rational consumer can choose according to their actual situation.


鍑€姘村櫒 涔板緱璐典笉涓€瀹氫拱寰楀

   afterwards: install water purifier is necessary

   whether it is necessary to buy a water purifier, many people have questions. To this end, reporters give you a breakdown of the count to mid-priced water filter, for example, the same price, out of the water purifier is actually 8 times as much bottled water.

   Retail Price: 1500 yuan

   life: 10 years (life expectancy of course much greater than the water purifier 10 years).

   Cost filter: 200 per year

   electricity: 20 / year (Note: water machine power: about 35W)

   1500 * 10 years membered +200 +20 * 10 years = 3700 yuan

   the effective flow capacity of the cartridge 12 tons. An effective amount of purified water a year is 4 tons, 12 tons of purified water.

   Pure Water: 4000 l * 10 years = 40000 l

   In 3700 yuan 4000L * 10 = 0.0375 yuan / liter (NOTE: purification costs)

   4000 liters of water rather to 211 barrels of water, 10 barrels of water corresponding to 2117 (Note: the bottled water 18.9L)

   we according to a family of three, a bucket of water per week to calculate;

   54 weeks 16 yuan * * * 1 barrel = 8640 yuan 10 years (Note: only the cost of water)

   the total amount of water while his: bucket 54 * 10 * 18.9 l = 10206 l

   Therefore, the same price, out of the water purifier is 8 times the bottled water.

   preferential: 96811 buy water purifier sales limit 20

   water purifier is installed in savings for the family, for family health, and quickly install water purifier it!

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