-Reverse osmosis water purifi watefficiency andefciency ring

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   GB 34914-2017 "reverse osmosis water purifier water efficiency and water efficiency rating limit" released on November 1, 2017, will be officially implemented November 1, 2018, the standard for the enforcement of standards, household and similar reverse osmosis water purifier to be unconditional implementation, the implementation of this standard will also household and similar uses reverse osmosis water purifier industry to conduct a reshuffle.

   This standard specifies the detection and calculation of household and similar efficiency limit water level and water efficiency, and the net rate of aquatic uses reverse osmosis water purifier, a reverse osmosis water purification unit into effect five levels, set water aquaculture net rate red, i.e., the lowest aquaculture net rate can not less than 35% water (5 water efficiency), reverse osmosis water purification unit is lower than this limit will be prohibited from sale.

   September 13, 2017, the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Water Resources, AQSIQ jointly issued the "water efficiency labeling management approach" will be implemented on March 1, 2018. GB34914-2017 will begin to enforce November 1, 2018, for the mandatory national standard GB 34914-2017 many companies still do not understand, for standard content and content "Water efficiency labeling management approach" and their relationship to each other is not clear, companies may be less effective in the implementation of GB 34914-2017 and "water efficiency labeling management approach" process, in response to the needs of member units, the association plans to hold GB 34914-2017 and "water efficiency labeling management approach" in Shunde, Guangdong resolution, learning and exchange forum.

   Forum purpose: to resolve details, response plans, test methods and exchange of experience GB34914-2017 and "water efficiency labeling management approach", while, on the GB34914-2017 and "water efficiency labeling management approach" whether problems are discussed. Standards Association to develop this standard main drafting unit of makers, industry experts, inspection bodies and member companies with poly one, to discuss in detail the terms of the analysis of this standard, and the problems studied after standard formally implemented, enterprises may encounter or difficulties, the association will discuss the views published finishing with a copy to the relevant units, enterprise voice feedback, put forward the views of business. Held in conjunction with terminal rapid test results report.


  : August 3, 2018 9: 00-17: 30

   Meeting Address: Foshan Longjiang Phoenix Hotel (Longjiang Island Road 99)

   Organizers: National Association of Health Industry and Enterprise Management Branch water purification industry

   Sponsors: Guangdong Weibo Technology Co., Ltd. [ 123]

   Shenzhen bit atomic Technology Co., Ltd.

   Forum Chair:

   [123 Huang Li]: Minister of National health industry enterprise management Association Branch Secretary and industrial water purification and training Division

   proposed agenda

   1, parsing GB34914-2017 "reverse osmosis water purification efficiency limit of water level and water efficiency" and "water efficiency labeling approach";

   2, Association experience sharing;

   3, the detection means detects face introduction problems encountered during recommendations;

   4, to GB34914-2017 "reverse osmosis water purification unit efficiency limit value and water efficiency rating "and" water efficiency labeling management approach "to discuss and exchange;

   5, terminal rapid test results report.

   Participants objects: water purification equipment manufacturers, parts suppliers, inspection means. Participants control in about 40 people.

   Fee: conference fee of 2,000 yuan per person, directly remitted to the Association account shall deemed to apply successfully. Member of a quota-free registration fee, the governing unit registration fee free two places. Transportation and lodging expenses themselves. (You can choose to live conference hotel, conference hotel conference reported clean water, the price of 379 yuan / night (standard room), the hotel Contact: Miss 13,600,083,445 can live in Vienna hotels)

   registration form e-mail: abc2008tjx@VIP.126.com

   traffic tips: Guangzhou Airport, Guangzhou South station has a high-speed rail bus (about 1 hour) bus to the town of Longjiang, Shunde, call the car to the hotel.

   Application Form:


鍑€姘村櫒琛屼笟 Organizing Committee: Tang Jian Xing Huang Li 18,601,367,258 13,501,693,073

   Tang Peng Gao 15,000,821,885 15,951,723,622

   Ma Songlin 1Liu Sun 13,688,868,818 8,942,416,035

   remittance account:

   Account Name: National Health Industry Enterprise Management Association

   Bank: Guangdong Development Bank Co., Ltd. Beijing Branch Xizhimen

   accounts: 137451516010001171

   National health industry enterprise management Association standard water purification industry branch office

   July 9, 2018

   (source: water industry brand alliances - public No. )

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