- M to highlight the brand value of hard power you canrust

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   With the recent health concerns for people, water purifier has become the choice for peoples health and drinking water, it is the fast pace of development of the water industry Dengmu men can answer, the annual growth rate is 30%, water purification is joined agents also growing rapidly! so purifier to join in the end better to do? how to choose?

   today, well-known brand water purifier - M come with you to explore all.


   As the saying goes: "Gold Cup Silver Cup, not as good as the peoples reputation."

   in the Chinese market, word of mouth has always been the problem all consumer of most concern, also in the water purification industry so, if a brand can not get the trust of consumers, the water purifier franchisee will be difficult to open up the market, in the water purification industry the wrong brand, is tantamount to sink like a stone down the drain.

   water purifier brand reputation how to judge?

   to see its hard and soft power to know. Take - M, a 18-year focus on water purification, advanced membrane technology and reverse osmosis water purification research and development capabilities, technical strength, production scale, product quality is the industry leader.


   - M always adhere to the "science and technology leading to quality survival, reputation and development" principle, will continue to scientific and technological achievements in industry enterprises to the market, and have achieved fruitful results . At present, it has accumulated more than 200 patents, patent pilot enterprises in Guangdong, state-level high-tech enterprises.

   Over the years, Hua Kang has been working for the people to provide quality affordable water purification products, to build domestic and international market, gradually let - M products into millions of households, so that the brand enjoys popular support - M for the majority of consumers brought new life of healthy drinking water, now has become a leader in the water industry.

   in July 2016, Kang Hua brand ambassador held a signing ceremony at the Grand Skylight Hotel Shenzhen, music superstar Timi formally signed at the meeting with the CEO Mr. Hua Kang Zhu Jianhua. Healthy image, but also full of positive energy responsibility Timi formally as the brand ambassador - M, - M inject new life into the brand image of a comprehensive upgrade, and passing out safe and secure, healthy drinking water brand voice.


   - M brand strength more than that!

   In addition, China has a strong brand in addition to KangOutside the strength, to join efforts to support the entire water purification industry are second to none.

   - M 18 years of development, focus on localization operations accumulated a wealth of experience in the market for new agents joining Hua Kang will be systematic training, to provide "shared enterprises things purifier + + SNS "new marketing model + market landing training, Hua Kang also delivered professional marketing staff to provide support and help to shape the image of the franchisee to open the market, for easy profit.

   - M on a regular basis to the franchisee to do training

   Now, Kang Hua is in a stage of rapid development, franchisees throughout the country, more than 2,700 service outlets. - M has always adhered to the "contributing to society, the benefit of mankind," the corporate philosophy, commitment to provide a more complete water purification solution for more Chinese residents at the same time, in order to meet the market of products, strong brand strength, generous support policies, illuminate the road ahead of the franchisee.

   understand Hua Kang water purifier brand details, please click on 鍗庡皵搴? src=

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