Water purifier does not stop at home, drinking public healt

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  Water purifier does not stop at home, drinking in public health from the Bili guard time: 2017-06-29 18:59:42



At present, in addition to the family of the drinking water concerns, Chinas water purification is more concerned about the body further includes: office offices, schools, public places, personnel, business people and water purifier practitioners. Among them, the factory office staff and the highest proportion of public spending, 63%, followed by business people is 18%. Family proportion of 8%. The data show that the water purifier has become an issue of public concern.


attention to safe drinking water, healthy drinking consensus gradually formed. With the popularity of water purifier, a growing number of schools, offices, hospitals, families began to spend water purification equipment, the whole society to recognize the importance of healthy drinking water. As a leading brand in the public drinking water, to protect the health of all mankind has been drinking water is the responsibility incumbent upon Bailey, in 1999 invented the energy saving water dispenser, changed the status of drinking Chinese campus, Bailey has been excellence, achieve higher breakthrough.



Bailey public drinking water mode: Clean, fresh, healthy.


microfiltration: Smart sterile water dispenser 1 micron PP cotton quality, strong barrier rust, sediment, eggs; KDF high purity, the removal of residual chlorine in water, inhibiting microbes, preventing the accumulation of hard scale; bis activated carbon efficiency, a large adhesion area, adsorption chlorine, algae, heavy metals and some organic material; high purification membrane, 0.01 micron filtration, safe removal of bacteria, to retain the mineral, the quality of tap water into drinking water.


complete sterilization: To ensure the safety of drinking water, drinking fountains Bili only heated to 100 degrees, the open tap water only, to boil 100% guaranteed. Leading exposed to air, pipelines under warm and humid environment will breed bacteria, so drinking excessive microbial problems plagued the industry for many years, and purified water reaches boiling temperature sterilization of time within 4-5 minutes, you can completely kill bacteria.



Bailey currently widely used in schools, factories, hospitals, institutions, railway stations, hotels and other public places, with more than 60% market coverage to address Bili Chinese public places drinking water problems, customers are welcome to call 400-800-0725 consultingorder.

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