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for modern families, the water purifier has become the necessities of life, family life, almost inseparable from water purifiers. The face of a wide variety of water purifier brand on the market, how do we choose? Xiao Bian teach you to avoid the water purifier to buy four errors.


misunderstanding: the imported product is not suitable for Chinese water quality

   many imported water purifier is designed in accordance with international standards, performance testing using a higher concentration of the test water is filtered after still can meet strict eligibility criteria, rather than using its own tap water. So do not worry international brands to China after the "acclimatized."

   Myth: The number of water purification filters, the better

   Many water purifier business in selling their products would say, the number of water purifier filter better. In actual fact, the filter is not possible, some low-end water purification products, quick to four or five filters, but they are simple filter material, filter effects may not be as strong a high-performance filter.

   Myth: The filter may need to replace a few years

   cartridge is doing, of course, is to filter out impurities in the water and harmful substances, the seller claimed that the filter 3--5 years do not change, and that not the indirect instructions of their home water purifier filter effects do not you? destroyed itself. Because filter effects, so it is more prone to clogging, clogging of the filter is a good filter, which also shows a water purifier really works.

   Myth: activated carbon filter technology obsolete

   is not the case, the activated carbon can be said to be the best natural Adsorption filter material. Almost all water purifier, activated carbon should be used. If you do not use charcoal, whether declared filtration precision how high the water taste will be discounted. Granular activated carbon, powdery carbon rods and three kinds, the first two low cost, but often do not completely filtered, which is safer choice, can be 100% complete filtration.

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