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   In recent years, with the improvement of peoples living standards and enhance awareness of clean water, clean water bottle with compact and easy to carry, good purification effect, etc., become the popular choice of products. But the face of many brands, net kettle what brand is good?




and now more and more serious water pollution, we drink more and more water is not clean, so the net purchase a bottle at home, you can let us drink clean, healthy water, what makes it better net kettle net kettle 2020-06-04 Xiaobian recommend several brands for everyone.




Philips Net kettle is an international brand, as the worlds top 500 enterprises, with a number of water purification technology patents, both in Europe and America and domestic, net kettle production and sales is much higher than other brands . Using Philips Net kettle inlet grade non-woven carbon + + + hollow fiber UF grade non-woven filter combination, filtration accuracy of 0.1 m, which can effectively intercept bacteria and other harmful substances in water, the use of a longer period, and to achieve safe drinking water health standards, filtered tap water can be drunk directly. Philips net kettle using a dust seal design, effectively prevent secondary pollution, ensure clean water quality.




3M net kettle brand from the United States, 3M is also the worlds top 500 enterprises, owns numerous patented water purification, 3M water purifier market share is very high. Net 3M sodium-free resin kettle + + coconut shell activated carbon Layer coconut shell activated carbon, can effectively reduce the water hardness, reduced scale, to retain beneficial mineral elements, improving water taste. Using 3M import filter, to the United States NSF certification, safe and secure drinking water to make your best choice.




Lycra net kettle brand from Italy, the company focused on net water bottles and other personal medical health care products, Lycra net kettle Laica using patented dual-flow filter efficiency, higher filtration efficiency than the traditional 20 % or more, and adding silver ion antimicrobial technology, based on the protection of drinking water filter, suppressing the breeding of bacteria in the water remaining, to enhance the quality of drinking water. Lycra by dozens of authoritative global health monitoring center to monitor security, to protect you and your family safe drinking water.


now net kettle brand a lot, but considering the brand and product quality, big brands with a more secure. purchaseTo be considered first, it is the import composite filter, can completely filter out impurities in the water, bacteria and harmful substances, let the water clean and safe, drink up more healthy; secondly, it uses food-grade material, safe, more durable and longer service life.


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