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Today, many people at home are fitted with a water purifier, and a few thousand or even million of the effect of water purification equipment and standards and other issues, confusing, and thus caused a lot of consumer disputes . Administration recently issued consumer tips to remind the public reason to buy water purification equipment.

   Complaint: brand water purifier filter a big problem

   Schilling spent nearly 7,000 yuan to buy a US brand water purifier, found quality problems after use, demands the return but was refuse, then call 12315 to make a complaint. Market regulators investigation learned that the original, Schilling to use the water purifier for some time, that the filtered water to drink up and taste some strange, fear of water quality problems, then took a water sample to the National Urban water quality monitoring network Xiamen stations water quality testing. The results showed that, after the brand through drinking water purifier filter, actually containing nitrite (content of 0.051mg / L).

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   Lin believes that businesses will conceal the water present in the nitrate-free water purifier which alkylene filtered fact nitrite, thus requiring return, compensation for businesses by testing costs. But the business has refused to recognize the result of the detection, thinks he has a production permit approval issued by the state, the product of the indicators are in line with national standards, there is no fault. As the two sides are too far apart, which failed to reach the final consumer disputes mediation agreement.

   Survey: Product standards too much lack of mandatory standards

   Reporters learned from relevant aspects, the water purifier market in fact is not without standards, but the standards are too many, and there is no mandatory National standard. According to incomplete statistics, at present associated with the clean water appliance standards nearly 20. These standards, most are recommended, and neither "uniform standards", did not require the manufacturer must perform associated with less standard production processes. Moreover, these standards were introduced by the different authorities, there is no uniform authorities, but there is no uniform regulation.

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   cartridge with up to half a year to change

   Authority reminded, the best choice to buy water purifier brand products. For health claims that can prolong life or even some kind of effect has the effect of advertising and other products, in particular to be vigilant. In addition, water purifier filter should be changed regularly, basically use 3-6 monthsWe should for once, to prevent the growth of bacteria.

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