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   April 26, the Hong Kong main board listed companies Ho Chak water purifier to "re-define the core Drinking water purifier" as the theme, held a new conference in 2017 Ho Chak Shanghai. Site released a disruptive innovation "black technology" products Ho Chak water chip smart, intelligent replenishment, smart vertical commercial direct drinking water purifiers and other variety of smart products also made their debut.

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   With the advent of the era of life wisdom, for intelligent Drinking water purifier, is the ultimate individual needs met, or smart convenient interactive experience, or is it a key to the door of peace of mind service? This the conference, ho Chak heavy launch revolutionary "smart water chip" to subvert the user experience, but also sent out a signal - ho Chak water purifier is reshaping the industry ecosystem, leading the Chinese water industry into the "core" of the times . Also showed that Ho Chak wisdom ecosystem strategy is accelerating ground water, water smart chip will also be a powerful entry-Ho-taek into a comprehensive home water purifier market.

   innovation "black technology" water-chip one-stop solution user pain points

   As of this conference blockbuster new products, chip-Ho-taek smart water pressure to abandon the traditional external storage tank design and increases the effective water supply to 25%, more storage, more space-saving; innovation and integration integrated design, save water and quantity of PE pipe fittings for more than 80% lower risk of leaking to 0.000001%, and production assembly efficiency of 80%; anti-counterfeiting technology has kept the original filter water purifier each has its own unique identity ID, automatic identification filter authenticity; at the same time, the appearance of the protective shell can be personalized according to customer demand.

   Ho Chak smart chip completely solve the traditional water purifier easy to leakage, complex installations, large space and filter fraud and other pain points, brain-hole wide open intelligent interaction lets the user enjoy "living water purifier future security "convenient experience. Food Network hit variety show "Yellow Kitchen of seasons 4" inside the kitchen is the installation of smart Ho Chak water chip Drinking water purifier.

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   intelligent design to create innovative interactive experience intimate

   accompanied by changes in the consumer market of the new generation, more and more consumers of water purification products and services proposed personalized and intelligent demand, changes in consumer demand, but also ho Chak inexhaustible driving force of innovation. Ho Chak smart water purifier with a smart chip faucets, can monitor water quality data in real time and displayed on the screen, whether it is for drinking, cooking vegetables, orTea, users are able to be aware of the water quality. At the same time Intelligent taps real-time display filter life, the user can promptly replace the filter, the filter according to the state of intuitive and convenient. Can, WIFI APP phone via a Bluetooth connection, remote control nor is the problem.

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