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   Many people think that overnight water can not drink, because it contains large amounts of nitrite harmful to the body, lets follow the small series together to find out whether water overnight contain nitrite?




is exactly what the hot summer, many people at home will air on some of the cool white open, but there has always been "overnight water can not drink," saying that the overnight water why not drink it? The reason is that there will be water overnight nitrite can cause diarrhea, and even cancer, which made many people afraid of water overnight if they contain nitrite?


the overnight water containing nitrite indeed, it has been confirmed that a little nitrite is simply negligible and will not cause any harm to the human body.


After overnight storage of water for three days, can produce nitrite after drinking can make a person dizzy, nausea and vomiting. If the storage time little longer, combined with the amine, into nitrite, will encourage people to have stomach cancer, liver cancer, esophageal cancer. Bottled mineral water, purified water is the same as more than three days of this, bacteria multiply, not as good as tap water. After rumors users to forward, the more mass the more "public pool."


Indeed, among the nitrite content of the water is scarce and generally are oxidized to nitrates, so this argument unfounded. In fact boil water, is the Chinese people a good habit, it can greatly protect the health, play a very good disinfection, to kill the pathogenic microorganisms. So boil water in terms of China, especially in the safety of drinking water situation is not particularly good case, is necessary.


As long uncapped water overnight, then microbial contamination, it may cause diarrhea, but no cancer. Nitrosamine this argument, there is no basis.


contains nitrite whether we should have a new understanding of water overnight through the introduction of this right, although not much water overnight harm to human body, but try not to drink or drink less water overnight while nothing more about some small household drinking water knowledge to ensure a healthy family life.




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