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   water purifier to join the agency has become a craze, a lot of people in the water purification industry earn its first wealth of life. Then, as water purifiers to join, how to maintain long-term stable development? Open water purifier franchise, you need to know about these three good ideas.


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to promote water purifier sales of the three major coup sales skills is the key (Photo from Internet)

   a good ideas, targeted

   case against rival

   According to the domestic market, there are thousands of home water purifier brand as much as the sea, like pearls. But precisely because too many competitors, make high-quality products only qualified for long-term vitality. It is recommended that the franchisee can be considered a proxy for the product layout of opponents, choose the closest rival as a promotional product varieties, and vigorously promote and look at the market price to locate, and then use their own water purifier brand characteristics, directly carry out promotional activities, fast of market share.

   good ideas Second, the appropriate none other for consumer psychology in order to increase sales

   only the sales to go out, then the profits will have to say, the main task is to physical stores to sell first , water purification franchise marketing system first, all the work and efforts around sales turnover rate. Better not because due to the small fraction of a few unsuccessful sales leads, enhance the speed of the sale of goods is far greater than the profits arising from the loss of customers give a little money to bring, especially those with regional presence of competitors. According to buy water purifiers and more consumers demand and they love Zhanxiaopianyi prepared some small gifts to promote sales rate, a small amount of investment can be exchanged for single turnover high, also increased repeat business and word of mouth spread the benefits increase.

   good ideas Third, pay attention to after-sales service

   this year, with the rapid development of water purification industry, the industry popular phrase "the beginning of a water purifier is sold out of their own the second stage water purifier is to sell the customer "and the words enough to explain the importance of service work. But there, the water purification industry a common phenomenon, many agents to join with such a wrong understanding, they are big-ticket durable goods in view of the water purifier, water purifier think it is a one-time sale of products, which at the time sold dedication, service and maintenance work was later taken lightly.

   In fact, this is a kind of false consciousnessAs long as the agents who do a good job of late customer feedback, also of particular importance, combined with planning a return visit type of promotion services at the same time, it will also be very effective. We know at this stage, water purifier product homogeneity serious, in order that you are doing better than others, then they would do service, summed up the experience after the agents believe they can do better.

   a sales technique is the key to a trading turnover rate, water purifiers to join the investment of time, sales techniques is critical. Master sales techniques, investors will be able to get more profit in the competitive water purification industry.

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