Singing the property market to promotehe development of wate

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  In the recently released National Bureau of Statistics house price data, the first time in the forefront of the rise is the basic phenomenon of second-tier cities. In the case of the north of Guangzhou-Shenzhen rise in property prices narrowed even decline, Hefei, Xiamen, Nanjing, Suzhou, with its rate of housing prices, known as the "four little dragons."

   According to a survey, there are 83.2% of respondents believe that the home water purification after this need to drink; only 6.7% of respondents believe that it is not necessary. This shows that clean drinking water has become a necessary public, installing a home water purifier or a whole house water purification system has become a part of many home decoration.

   It is this current situation of the property market, bring "spring" picture as water purification industry. According to the Institute for Prospective industry to provide the "Chinese Internet industry, the home improvement market with forward-looking solutions for in-depth analysis report" pointed out that in 2016 the Internet home improvement market size will top 200 billion yuan by 2017, the Internet home improvement market size of up to 285.1 billion yuan. Thus, water purifiers in our country there is a huge market potential and development prospects.

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   purifier manufacturers also conform to the laws of market changes, console-based products to be reformed to the inner core and product appearance are giving cost, fine cut, making it more meet the installation and use of many domestic families.

   Of course, you want the water purifier market to a broader direction, force alone is not enough. More importantly, the water industry self regulation of the industry chaos, and promotion of positive energy consumers of water safety knowledge.

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   water purifier manufacturers should be "consumer-centric, to ensure that the interests of consumers, quality, health, fulfilling the corporate responsibility to consumers, has won the favor of consumers.

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