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   water purifier for a long time, you need to perform maintenance, such as replacing filters, cleaning machine and so on. For less professional consumers, replacing the water purifier filter is a very troublesome thing. Among them, how to determine whether the filter needs to be replaced is one of the most common problems.




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   In general, most of the filter must be after 6-12 months to be replaced once the cycle is too long, then there will be a lot of harmful substances appear, filter it lost its original role.

   1, PP cotton filter replacement of

   PP cotton is used relatively more of a filter element, its life is generally six months. We verify the quality of the demonstrator, water purifier pp cotton in about two weeks to turn yellow, and even relatively good time pp cotton used not more than eight months.

   2, replacement of the activated carbon filter

   Activated carbon is relatively more common to use a filter element generally his life of 1 year. For the water plant, the chlorine disinfection are generally used, because the chlorine content of the water pipe containing the countrys different, so we only need to use chlorine test agent test can tell time to replace the cartridge.

   Change 3, the ceramic filter element

   Time em-x ceramic filter used is generally 5 years. For this filter is concerned, it can release the appropriate trace elements, and further can adjust the ph value corresponding, for small molecules, it is determined that the filter can be detected replaced every five years.

   4, hollow fiber membrane filter replacement

   The hollow fiber membrane used is generally 1 year lifetime. We can extract some water to the appropriate place to purchase the corresponding turbidity detection as well as floating debris.

   5, softened cartridge replacement

   softened cartridge life is generally 2 years. We can extract water to the appropriate place to buy detect.

   6, filter replacement Precautions

   Since we are using home water purifier is not a brand, the corresponding equipment life is not the same. PlusAs well as the appropriate degree of water pollution and water quality filter element of our family have a certain bias, we performed replace the filter when the need to pay attention to the corresponding time and frequency.

   above water purifier filter replacement is about the knowledge, when you use a water filter, be sure to promptly replace filter water purifier, or likely to cause secondary pollution of the water Oh!

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