What is the No. 7 plastic cups

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   we know what numbers at the bottom of a plastic cup on behalf of you, what is the No. 7 plastic cups? You with problem solving.




secret plastic cup you know, we are not watching over the number at the bottom of a plastic cup, you know what it stands for, will often see the bottom of a plastic cup No. 7 PC a sign, I do not know what it meant, 2020-06-04 come to help you solve this problem.


No. 7 PC represents the number 7 plastic cups, different material number at the bottom of a plastic cup represents the cup, different figures represent the material, we get it, then what is the No. 7 plastic cups? Next Xiao Bian gave you said said. 7 pc material temperature material .. .. abrasion resistance, impact resistance ... not hydrolysis, the heating temperature must not exceed 250 degrees Celsius. The most common is the water bottle, space cup, bottle. When the temperature will release toxic substances bisphenol A, to avoid the use of heating and exposure. 7 is a recyclable plastic.


We all know that the safest drinking water in what glass it? Investigation by the majority of people are used in plastic cups, especially the children, because not afraid to throw plastic cups, plastic cups but not for a long time, because among plastic cup, after all, there are some chemicals, if we prolonged use, it is likely to cause this chemical, when subjected to high temperatures which dissolved into the water, so we had better use glass or stainless steel cup.


The above content to offer hope to help everyone, welcome to continue to focus on our family drinking little knowledge, we will work harder to serve you.




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