What are the advantages of buying reversosmosis water purifi

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   The reverse osmosis water purification is a type of water purifier, a water purifier in many products, peoples evaluation of reverse osmosis water purification is relatively high. Reverse osmosis water purifiers has become the object of many consumers are eager to see, then the reverse osmosis water purifier body in the end what a unique place it, first of all lets look at where the advantages of reverse osmosis water purifier in? [ 123]



   Reverse osmosis water purification advantages

   a reverse osmosis purifier advantages: reverse osmosis water purification unit can not only impurities, rust, colloids, bacteria, viruses exorcised, but also will be harmful radioactive particles, organic matter, a fluorescent material, get rid of pesticides, can also be annoying alkali and heavy metals repel water, to ensure that you do not have a base in water when boiling water , while ensuring the health of their families.

   Two advantages of reverse osmosis water purification: The most effective removal of calcium and magnesium, bacteria, organic, inorganic, metal ions and radioactive substances, through which the water purifying means crystal clear, sweet glycol. Filtered water through RO membranes, does not contain substances harmful to the body, the body will be preserved beneficial minerals, long-term drinking purified water RO filter body does not produce side effects.

   reverse osmosis water purifier Three advantages: the use of reverse osmosis water purification can cook, soup, tea, coffee, ensure juice, flavor, full of nutrition food decomposition, more suitable for human absorption. In the humidifier or need water beauty is pure water can be used to ensure that no water base, to better protect your familys home. Use water purification mechanism, shining brilliantly, free of impurities.

   reverse osmosis water purifier principle

   reverse osmosis water purifier is how it goes? Reverse osmosis is a higher than the osmotic pressure as a driving force, using a selective membrane permeable only selected water impermeable solute permeability, the process water from the water molecules of the solute separation.

   making it the principle of what is? Reverse osmosis water purificationMachine is the main principle of reverse osmosis water treatment machines. General tap water conductivity through the RO membrane filter 5渭s / cm after (RO membrane filtration water conductance conductivity 脳 desalination rate = water, reverse osmosis desalination general import rate can reach 99% or more, running 5 years to ensure that more than 97% of water require a relatively high conductivity, the second reverse osmosis stage may be employed, through simple processing, electric conductivity can be less than 1渭s / cm), in line with national standards laboratory three water.

   Reverse osmosis water out of the mechanism with respect to pure water bottled water fresher, more hygienic, safer, its use is very wide. Selective substance film becomes permeable semipermeable membrane. Will generally not only as an ideal reverse osmosis water purification unit of the semi-permeable membrane film solute through the solvent. This is the reverse osmosis water purifier.

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