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  On the popularity of the road home water purifier: household water purifiers Views: 452 Published: 2017-11-22 9:17:38 We have all heard the high penetration of foreign household water purifiers, such as South Koreas household water purifiers , a penetration rate of 90%, the US civilian water purifier penetration rate of 75%, the European market, home water purifier penetration rate of 75%. 瀹剁敤鍑€姘村櫒 These data really do? Not known. But the explanation has been widely used in water purification folk. But, in contrast penetration of water purifiers really too low. Where such a huge difference comes from? This is mainly shallow and consumer awareness about water purification products, in 2010, the domestic water purifier technology is not very mature, after 2010, water purification technology to achieve mature, in the water purifier manufacturers to promote consumer awareness gradually deepened, the water purification industry in recent years to show rapid growth. "With the improvement of living standards, health and consumer awareness are required in improving health class appliances gradually began to spread." Penetration rate of only 8%, what is the concept? Domestic water purifiers currently has one hundred was only 8. Under such low market penetration background, in recent years, the water purification industry usher in rapid development, according to statistics Orville cloud network, the first half of the water purifier sales of 10.3 billion yuan, an increase of 30.6%. Therefore, the water purification industry known as the "sunrise industry." In addition, the water purification industry also has been considered a "lucrative industry." Because only 500 of the cost of a water purifier, may be sold at high prices in 4000, 5000. But after several years of development, net profit water purification industry has been somewhat lower in the future there will be room for further decline. This is mainly because the previous market competition is not sufficient, but as more and more vendors into the office, gradually intensified market competition. Reporters learned that, in the past two years, many large and small manufacturers flock to traditional consumer electronics manufacturers have been moving into the field of drinking water or overweight net, trying to share.

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