618 whole network sales data Report- 3180000

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   June 19, billion state power messages, third-party data agency announced the star map data to monitor the entire network of 618 battlefield: All net sales amounted to 318.075 billion, an increase of 11.8%.

   Throughout the 18 days during the promotion period (.. 61--618 days), star map data acquisition and monitoring of the entire network 50 appliance business website, including integrated electricity business and vertical type electric provider, display based on monitoring data: this year 618 total 318.075 billion yuan for the whole network transactions, an increase of 11.8%.


   From the point of view of sub-category: large household appliances, high-actuation combined season, large air conditioning benefit, a first stable position TOP list, the refrigerator in this during the great beyond promoting flat-panel TVs, and ultimately came in second place, the water heater caught "off-season", the overall poor sales results, rankings. In terms of life electrical, air-conditioning fan in similar, in season, ranking, in addition, such as water purification, cleaning, purification and other health class appliances in the highly sought after ...... beauty skin care, popular in the first three categories, respectively a mask, suit / gift box, face cream, skin care products and the TOP list in more than beauty products, consumers prefer to buy skin care products online.


   household appliances: air conditioning Oaks With single category win the whole network appliance sales second, 618 this year, the United States again won the whole category of home appliances sales champion, ranked No. Oaks Second, Gree ranked ranked fourth after Haier, Gree visible Oaks failed to report the incident although the impact of its 618 sales, but did not reach the point of beating, contrary successive hot search for the Oaks brought a lot of heat. Can be seen from this, the rapid development of home appliances as well as serious homogenization of today, consumers choose the brand has a heart steelyard, weighing repeatedly worthwhile, good or bad.

   phone: Apple gains this year, the first 618 TOP brand mobile phone sales rankings, Apple, Huawei, millet top three. Apple shipments increased since the price is very obvious dominance in the high-end mobile phone market has been difficult to shake; although Huawei ranked second, but this year 618 further narrowing the gap with Apple, the consumer outlook for the better.

   Beauty Skin Care: domestic products is rapidly rising this year TOP10 618 Beauty skin care brands, domestic brands accounted for half the past few imported brands RidgeOff situation. Beauty products has been the love of women chop hand Party, has been European and American brands occupy Chinas mainstream market, in recent years, consumers are increasingly high for the recognition of domestic beauty of this 618 big promotion, the perfect diary, flower West, wis, membrane family and Fran are butterflies list TOP10

   dairy products: infant formula milk products sales contributed to a major force in the

   618 big promotion this year, still baby powder It is the main force in the dairy industry, accounting for more than 60% share; followed by high-end pure milk to 8.57 percent sales share rose from seventh place last year to second place; another room temperature yogurt, flour adults, regular milk over the same period was relatively stable, functional milk showed a slight rise in maternal milk and plain yogurt bottom of the rankings.



   the sale of dairy products mainly in Jingdong, the two together accounting for over eighty percent; in the two giants under attack, Netease electricity supplier can still get a share of 8.19%, the performance is really bad; Suning Tesco ranked fourth, accounting for 4.71%, to fight a lot of the bottom, accounting for 3.21%.


   The 618 head brand competition is more intense, the top three followed by Erie, Wyeth, Mengniu, were double-digit market share; the brand attributes of view, domestic brands only occupy three seats, respectively ranked first, third, tenth, while foreign brands accounted for seven seats, the more obvious advantages.

   water to drink: bottled water sit tight in the top spot with 30.15 percent of the bottled water market share topped the list; carbonated drinks leap second, accounting for 16.3%; soda, tea drinks market share slightly uplift , accounting for more than 9%.


   Jingdong 618 more on the advantages of water beverages, accounting for over five percent share, MALL day to maintain rapid growth, there are still gaps and Jingdong; Suning, I bought market space narrow.


   in aqueous beverages, farmer spring, Coke, by the top three energy; wherein Nongfushangquan to 13.00% share of the market leader, second Coca-Cola , accounting for 8.77 percent, according to energy is ranked third, accounting for 5.38%.

wKhQw10K1-eEYBPJAAAAAMXIXUc275.png Data period: 61 0:00: 00-6.1824: 00

   Data collection: the whole network 47 appliance business website (including integrated electricity business sites and vertical type electric provider site)

   category Description: dairy products, including baby milk, yogurt at room temperature, high-end pure milk, ordinary milk, milk drinks, functional milk, flavored milk, milk of pregnant women, adults

   milk powder, milk drinks, lactic acid bacteria at room temperature; water to drink, including packaging drinking water, carbonated drinks, soda, tea drinks, fruit and vegetable juices, sparkling water, functional beverages, vegetable protein drinks, herbal drinks, coffee, tea cocoa beverages.

   (article Source: billion state power network, invasion deleted)

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