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   In recent years, with economic development, especially the introduction of Thirteen Five planning, so people are becoming more confident of economic recovery. But the impact of real estate, after all, is a long process, real estate inventory pressure is still large, some small and medium water purifier for how businesses should survive it?



   to strengthen the sense of innovation and improve product quality

   Chinas water purifier company is experiencing unprecedented challenges, some companies at the low end, low-cost, the situation of low profits, coupled with the marketing companies do not pay attention or understand somewhat biased, and no single marketing creative, walked into the dead-end homogenization of products, advertising, promotion, brand, channel, execution of.

   in water purification products growing homogenization of today, SMEs must be based on innovation, introduction of new products unique, the development potential consumer demand, the search for new "customers" growth. Compared to the giants, small and medium enterprises of water purifiers and other aspects of capital and talent resources are limited, so companies should focus on a particular brand of R & D, go its own brand name. Of course, small water purifier business want to survive in the market, have their own brand of light is not enough, the quality of clearance is the "last word." In the context of the reform of the supply side, small and medium enterprises need to change the water purifier "passive" to "active", eliminate backward production capacity, and resolutely put an end to fake and shoddy products.

   development of regional markets focus on a brand development

   It is understood that there are many SMEs in order to capture more territory in the market, involving a number of areas, seemingly broad market areas, the actual in the absence of big business on the brand, with the lack of their areas of expertise, the competitive process will always be at a disadvantage. Compared to large-scale water purification companies, SMEs limited money and effort, not like big companies do everything, should be limited power, concentrated in the build star product, you can really get a survivor.

   said, "industry specializing in surgery," since all aspects of equipment, personnel, capital and other large enterprises can not and compared, then it should be small and medium enterprises with limited energy into a brand in order to gain in this area to be the leader. By the same token, expand sales channels when small water purifier enterprises should do what, targeted market development. Many large enterprises in the country layout, and even spread abroadBut due to the small water purifier brand influence is not big enough, the blind across the country to complete the layout, the results achieved will only be counterproductive. Therefore, small and medium enterprises to water purifiers for their respective customers in the region belong to the market to find out, find out the key markets, and establish a "small regional brand" business ideas, the focus of the election hot spots to build, establish a model market, so as to achieve a point the impact was, in turn, led to the effect of the surrounding market.

   In summary, small and medium enterprises want to survive in the competitive market water purifier in it, it must be clear in their own position, not blind followers.

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