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   With the development of the domestic economy and peoples living standards rising of the moment, consumers are now increasingly focused on health and environmental protection appliances and other life. Water purifier appliances as part of peoples lives, naturally attracted much attention of consumers. However, the current water purifier market brand cluttered, counterfeit copied everywhere, a lot of water purifier business to reap huge profits, in front of consumers playing "petty" fabricating lies to deceive consumers, making consumers of water purification products With the contradiction, which is not conducive to the overall development of water purification industry.




playing "mind" the need to regulate the development of water purifier business in front of consumers

   water purifier market, companies need to standardize the development of

   [ 123] most consumers choose water purifier is its most valued water purification effect, in fact, consumers often only see the surface of the water purifier. Some dealers often shoddy, reported a so-called "special price", "price", in fact, these poor-quality water purifiers often take too long there will be a variety of problems, causing consumers to water "secondary pollution", endangering the health of consumers.

   concept of enterprise steal for products made of sugar-coated bullets

   water purifier dealers in the sales of water purification products, the best of their own products can boast of stories, this one concept consumer confusion judgment. The water purifier market is currently the most popular "Fudge language" is "beauty care functions." "Philosophy" that intangible something invisible, not only to put consumers stupefied, could potentially improve product quality. However, in practice, simply companies to give consumers a "sugar-coated bullets" is concerned.

   to ensure product quality is the common goal of water purification businesses and consumers. Whether for water purifier business or consumer, enterprise products are recognized by consumers of the nature of the condition, but also reflect the social responsibility of business. A good product to get broad market, but also in order to obtain the trust of consumers, enterprises can better and therefore development.

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