Water purifier works influence the usof detailed analysis

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1, volume sweeping mechanism precipitate when the aqueous sol of concentration higher dosage of flocculant, the flocculant material formed high degree of polymerization in water, can absorb water to precipitate colloid tape this phenomenon is called coagulation volume sweeping action was precipitated according to conventional chemical methods for treating waste water, the cloudy solution adding colloidal electrolyte aggregated colloidal substances in water, so water and separated coagulant aluminum sulfate, alum, polyaluminum chloride, ferrous sulfate, ferric chloride, wastewater, dyeing waste water, waste gas station, scouring waste water, and acid-base neutralization, pH was neutral, lime, limestone, dolomite acidic waste water and the like, CO2 and alkaline waste water, factory waste water with lime and sulfuric acid, and printing and dyeing, redox, adding oxidation (or reduction) agents, substances in the wastewater oxidation (or reduction) into harmless substances electrolysis oxidant air (the O2), bleach, chlorine, ozone, etc., phenol, cyanide, sulfur, chromium, mercury waste, dyeing, hospital waste water, after inserting the electrode plate, the energization in the wastewater, wastewater becomes charged ions neutral atom, a power supply, an electrode plate or the like, chromium cyanide (plating) waste water, waste wool, extraction, water-insoluble solvent into wastewater, wastewater solute dissolved in this solvent and then using a solvent with water the relative density difference, the solvent was separated out,


2, when a small amount of the polymer electrolyte in the solution, not only the aggregation of colloidal stability destruction, while further formed floc, forming a polymer chain was, at this time, a long-chain polymer as a bridge between particles, colloidal connect together, bonded this effect is called bridging action, it floc formed between the particles, so that settling easily accelerated sedimentation, whereby the colloidal readily removed from the water. Extraction solvent: butyl acetate, benzene, N-503 pulse devices such as sieve, centrifugal extraction machine, phenol wastewater, adsorption (comprising ion exchange), the waste water by solid adsorbent, dissolved organic wastewater adsorbed on the adsorbent or inorganic waste water obtained by the treatment, the activated carbon adsorbent, cinder, soil, etc., adsorption column, reproducing apparatus, dyeing, pigment wastewater, but also adsorption of phenol, mercury, chromium, cyanide, and in addition to color, smell and taste for advanced treatment.


3. Effect of type and concentration of the electrolyte electric double layer effect mechanism electrolyte electric double layer large micelles. Upon addition of the electrolyte in the aqueous sol high, the diffusion layer is compressed to make micelles, the electric potential decreases, gumRepulsion between the groups diminished, then usually occurs between colloid aggregation. When the electric potential falls to zero, the most unstable sol, the strongest coacervation, coagulation of colloidal substances causing called coagulant.


4, and an electric double layer hydrosol hydrosol mechanism is a combination of several tens to thousands of molecules from the microparticles, these microparticles insoluble in water to form a core around hydrosol particles, called gum nuclear. Core has an outer surface rubber layer of ions, called the ion potential. Thus, the interfacial region is formed in the core and the surrounding gum solution electric double layer, the inner layer is the potential of the ionic gum core solid phase, the outer layer is a counter ion solution phase. Plastic core layer and the ion potential of the counter ion constituting three layers integrally become micelles, such as the anti-diffusion layer, including particles, is called micelles.

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