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  In recent years, water pollution incidents continue to occur because of a number of cities, led to the sales of the entire water purifier market, with it comes the water purifier brand, but also more and more species. Water purifier can be the last layer of protection to safe drinking water, has been recognized by most residents, however, buy a water purifier, a lot of consumers are still very confused. Today small to tell you to buy a water purifier points must be considered.

   1, choose domestic brands

   drinking water and flush toilets is separate from abroad, so the choice of domestic brands more suitable for Chinas water quality.

   2, specialized in water

   only professional to do the water, they will have their own core technology. Like Gree air-conditioning, they have their own core technology, so air conditioning is better than the other.

   3, Genius, unified sale

   to buy a water purifier not buy today, tomorrow, no matter, he has to replace the filter there is a problem, if there is no uniform sale, not a store , and it is possible the entire machine can not find a place to filter replacement.

   4, select Unplugged

   principle unplugged because the caliber of the film is one ten thousandth of a human hair, the water must pass in order to squeeze through. It must be pressurized with a pump.

   5, select the material good

   by the local water must be full of bisphenol A material of food-grade materials (baby bottle material), or affect the taste did not say, but poor health. Brand of film, Dow membrane accuracy is very high, Hui Tong film, Navy was able to film brand film can be. Followed by activated carbon, coconut shell activated carbon adsorption force Malaysia to be the best. Once again, pump, pump brand look carefully flicker.

   6, watertight

   Some brands have insurance. As long as they ensure watertight is a good machine, of course, the insurance more secure.

   7, reasonably priced

   Some brands to direct the way to enter the market, after much hand, may want to filter high and the price will be. But to buy a water purifier is a few accessories all together, there is not much technical content, so no need to waste money.

   8, there are

   no waste water effluents loom equal to nothing. Either stop it, over time, than tap water also dirty, no backwashuse. Or quality problems, directly by the water. The proportion of the general reverse osmosis membrane effluent are: 1: 2-3, absolutely no 1: 7 Moreover, water is not expensive, home to drink water, how much water can be soup, comparing household savings, then the big deal with a barrel wash out rags, mops, mop the floor, etc.

   summary: there are now a wide range of water, what mineral water, alkaline water, high-oxygen water, etc., let us confused and tangled, in fact, all speculation business. People want to safe drinking water, water purifier is a good choice.

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