Real Estate once again heat up thwer purifier companies need

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   In recent years, with the rise of the Internet, and on the restructuring and "Internet +" has become a lot of business development strategy, with the gradual recovery of the property market is now beginning to usher in water purification industry three good policy, new year, water purifier companies need to firmly Seizing an opportunity, to be invincible in the market competition.



   a real estate with a hot development

   In the multiple positive policies to promote the fund and finance in 2015, the property market as a whole has been steadily warmer, hot urban housing demand strong, wealth crowds, strong purchasing power of the city needs to improve significantly the release. China Index Research Institute January 2 released "2015 Chinas major cities real estate market transactions intelligence" shows that in 2015 the overall property market turnover rose 20.56 percent compared with 2014. Analysts pointed out that the property market volume and price of Qi Zhang, will drive the development of downstream water purifiers and other furniture, building materials industries.

   Second, the user experience first

   With the advent of the Internet era +, the entire channel is facing major reshuffle. Analysts pointed out that the face of the avalanche of Internet, the traditional water purifier business have to start thinking about how to restructure to cope with this uninvited guest. And after the transformation of the traditional water purifier industry have put into competition, this battle will have more things to watch. Future, water purifier industry competition is still concentrated in three areas of service, experience, mode. Future water purifier business should return to the nature of services to service users kings winning strategy, and pursuing a product and word of mouth is.

   traditional water purifier market currently prevailing poor user experience, the price war transition, lack of knowledge of industry trends and many other issues. Insiders said that many companies ignore the traditional water purifier on the user experience, product quality and reputation-building, so that the enterprise into a price war situation, the water purification industry is not conducive to healthy competition. At present, the consumption structure of society as a whole upgrade, upgrade water purification industry experience and customer service imperative.

   As the Internet has become a national strategy + concept, the traditional water purification industry will inevitably speed Internet transformation, if the water purifier business to meet the users experience and service needs, believe that we can gain market share. In the industry view, the 2016 water purifier market competition will be more intense, actively seeking to break through the policy will become a water purifier business imperative. With the Internet The wind is rising, water purifier companies turn to the InternetType or into viable way. However, only meet consumer services, experience requirements, water purifier companies can win in the fierce competition in the market.

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