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   [net] water purifier investment has experienced economic winter period of 2018, 2019 for most of the water purification business, will be in a critical period of rapid change and transformation of innovation and upgrading. In the consumer upgrade, focusing on trends in health shift, quality and other consumer habits, the water purification companies need to establish a more differences in product development, precise positioning segmentation, emphasizing matching products for specific population needs; to be in the service norms service standards, and actively building the core competitiveness in order not to be eliminated fierce market competition.


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   to upgrade the quality of health awareness dominant force pushed the product to enhance the

   According to the developers, "2019 China water purifier industry report "introduction, water purifier consumer groups stronger health awareness, and pay more attention to the quality of life, three generations of the family is more focused on the elderly and childrens health. China Daily reports from survey data visibility Institute, 2018 for the purchase of health-motivated consumers accounted for more than 80%. Visible, peoples health awareness in buying factors affecting water purifier prevailed demands on the quality of life has greatly improved. From the filter kettle to ultrafiltration reverse osmosis water barrels to free, high-quality and high-quality water purification products more popular with consumers, product upgrades imperative.

   2018 China water purifier sales type structure analysis

   more than twenty years as a professional focus on China net drinking water brand, Patio With highly sensitive to the market, to seize market changes the opportunity to drive innovation and development, accelerate the optimization and upgrading of the full range of brands, products, technology, improve product strength, to meet the needs of different groups of high-quality health products, precise positioning.

   In mother group as an example, in the application of innovative technology products, whale white Patio in addition to upgrading the purification capability, but also innovative use of the primary water-free and free of bisphenol A lead faucets and other user-friendly design, to avoid the low toxicity of heavy metals lead and bisphenol a adversely affect the baby, to protect healthier, safer drinking environment.

   At the same time, in order to ensure more families maternal and child health, clean drinking water safe environment, in 2019 the Group launched the Patio "To net new" plan, "so that every child get clean and healthy, so that each family more confidence "for the brand mission, trying to provide clean water for the new home of the futureProtection of witness and guardian of the family of a newborn every time.

   user experience based products and services, quality after-sales into key

   "User experience is the brand of the gold standard test, the user experience on the work of the prime location, is clean water brand in the market the key to winning reputation. "Qin Yuan Group, said. The user experience is based on products and services, lack of water purifier is different from traditional home appliances, service, water purification companies will lead to lack of credit, customer retention of the end.

   Patio deep water purification services, with more than twenty years of experience, and joint Chinese home appliance repair service Association issued "Chinese water industry service standards." On this basis, our country water industry services areas proposed standardized, systematic requirements, the entire water industry to promote the sound and healthy development.

   At the same time, to continue to optimize the users service experience, Patio also first proposed the "net plus service" brand, "not only solve the water problem, but also to take the extra step to solve your problem." as the core value, to provide users with more attentive service. According to the reporter, the project has started pilot projects in Shanghai, the radiation, higher than the industry standard level of service, to provide fast, transparent, standardized services Patio professional users.

   reported that net plus services Patio aging as one of the highlights will be a standard upgrade, requiring after-sales staff to do "1-hour appointment response" and "make an appointment the day before 16:00 the door." Patio also advocated "one more step" in the more personalized value-added services to users the best after-sales experience, such as ground check, provide a safer electrical environment; waterway inspection under the kitchen, avoid the water hazard; sink experience clean, comfortable service to users later.

   "Frankly, deep plowing more than twenty years in the Patio water purifier market, does have a professional product technology and more perfect service system, dual future in high-quality products and quality service system driven, Patio water purification business in general is different from other vendors to build competitive advantage differentiation, occupying a place in the highly competitive market. "comments a senior industry source said. From 2019, the actual performance of Patio water purifier market point of view, under the support of big brand advantage, Patio deep secret agents in the water purifier market has also been effective.

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