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   HC clean water network in recent years become increasingly serious water quality problems, many families are installed on the net water heater, but the water purifier filters out waste, then these "waste" in the end is how, really wasted a lot of water in our house it?

   First, the water purifier Why would waste?

   there are numerous water purifiers, and will be discharged "waste water" is often water purifier RO reverse osmosis water purification, because its core member during the reverse osmosis membrane is actually a working liquid Concentration and salt content of the water as water through the reverse osmosis membrane surface continue to increase, the osmotic pressure of the water is also increasing.

   When the osmotic pressure of the booster pump increases, the water can not pass through the reverse osmosis membrane water purification inflow end. Also due to the increasing concentration of minerals in water, some minerals will be deposited on the surface of the reverse osmosis membrane, the reverse osmosis membrane and clog pores, resulting in decrease and the reverse osmosis membrane desalination water production rate.

   RO process operates in reverse osmosis water purification to avoid the occurrence of the above phenomenon.

   Therefore, there will be a part of flushing water to the reverse osmosis membrane, and the irrigation water used will be excluded, referred to as "waste water", in all applications have a reverse osmosis membrane can be made water the ratio of product water, called "recovery."

   (tap water through a reverse osmosis membrane is compressed, into two portions of water and concentrated water ratio of water and concentrate water is waste rate.)

   Second, the resulting water purifier "waste water" have reuse value?

   However, these "waste water" is directly drained white, it always felt some waste, it is after all very different and bath, with regard to RO reverse osmosis water purification as an example, "waste water" is already after the first three cartridge filter has been removed much of impurities removed.

   "wastewater" In addition to slightly higher salinity and bacteria than tap water, except, most other indicators, such as turbidity, color, organics, colloids, etc., are still lower than tap water.

   In summary, we can put these "waste" collected in buckets, take advantage of it if, in fact, also worthStill quite high.

   Third, how to use the "waste water"?

   We have already said, "waste water" is also a cartridge filter after the first three, has removed much of impurities, so to washing no problems. The most convenient way. For example, waste water on my home water purifier is with a big bucket 18L acess, can be used on nearly a week.

   In addition strong practical ability DIY also can consider yourself a home water purifier waste water recycling system, which is connected with a bucket of water purification machines wastewater, wastewater recycling water pump to sink again use, cost DIY not tall.

   Here we start with some very simple and practical way:

   1, kitchen washing water

   After dinner dishes when I will connect with pots of "waste water "pour detergent behind the first bubble bowl, then brush clean, running water to rinse and then finally on the line. Second wash rag, wipe the table with, but also very easy to do.

   2, household cleaning water

   In addition, like dust in my house particularly large, usually nothing too old to wipe the table, balcony, squatting squatting or something, use the "waste water" might be a most appropriate s Choice. Although it can not save much, but think about the shortage of places, or to save a little bit of it count.

   3, flush the toilet

   flush toilets really need a lot of water every day, if the fee should pee a tank of water to flush, in this case, I will prepare a bucket in the bathroom "waste water" to wash, so to a large extent are saving water resources. Of course, the above finished dragging the ground water can flush the toilet it.

   pro-small series suggest the use of household water purifiers, water purifiers do not have to worry too much about wastewater generated really wasted after three cartridge filter of "waste" in addition to not drink, in fact, can be applied to use a lot of life in the scene, so we can try to "waste water" reuse them.

   saving a little bit every day, not only can save a part of water, also make due contributions to the country to save water resources.


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