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industrialization of the peoples living standards continue to increase, but it also led to Chinas various pollution problems one after another, drinking water and other environmental issues has become one of the hot current social concern, according to the World Health Organization there are more than 85% of the disease and the contamination of drinking water around the world about the announcement, healthy drinking water issue has become a major threat to human health an important factor, how to solve the drinking water problem of family health, as many people problem of public concern.

   water purifier water pollution as a product of the times, as a home water purifier drinking water solutions, has been rapid development, water purification agent market opportunities and broad prospects for the market in China in recent years, in the face Chaoyang-new industry, many traders began to enter the traditional home appliance industry, water purification, water purifiers and more growth potential compared to other industries, the state support of the environmental protection industry, business prospects water purifier market is infinitely good.

   water purifier outlook is infinitely good, water is the source of life, anyone can not do without clean drinking water, but also need to drink every day, whereby estimates, some 400 million Chinese families, if there is one home / 4 to install water purifiers, water purifiers then the number of demand there is 100 million, if calculated according to 2000 yuan each, the size of the domestic water purifier market will reach 200 billion yuan. By 2015, with the penetration depth development of water purifiers, as well as the upgrading of existing products, market capacity of Chinas water purifier or more than 400 million units, the total market more than 400 billion yuan, water purifier good business opportunities .

   The current market bottled drinking water dominates, but in recent years due to the frequent incidents of bottled water, bottled water secondary pollution, black heart bottled water, leave the water and other issues, leading to a lot of parts group began looking for a new way of drinking, such as doctors, teachers, cadres, business executives, white-collar workers, technicians, etc., began to drive the transformation of the concept of drinking water, many start installing home water purifier.

   In addition, because of water pollution is very serious, there have been Songhua River (chemical contamination), Hunan (heavy metal pollution), Gansu (excessive levels of benzene), etc., according to "China Environmental Bulletin" shows that the source of drinking water 23.6% have failed, poor quality of drinking water, these frequent incidents of factors driving the rapid development of Chinas water purification products, water purifiers will in future every family which, like televisions, refrigerators and the like as home appliances, very common.

   According to media reportsShow that the current number of water purifier brand has more than five thousand, domestic water purifier is in a transition period of rapid development, it is also the best time to water purification agents into the industry, the outlook is infinitely good. Water purifier can effectively solve the problem of water pollution caused by drinking water safety, water filter out all harmful substances, to ensure peoples safety and health of drinking water, the price will be gradually more civilians, security, convenience and ease of use will be characterized by household water purifiers only way to popularity.

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