Pay attention to eating ice cool summer hot weher but noeasy

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Heat stroke is mainly due to the high temperature environment affect the human body temperature regulation center, the heat accumulation caused by excessive in vivo, "heat divided into three cases, i.e. aura heat stroke, heat stroke mild and severe heat stroke.".


aura of heat stroke symptoms are thirst, weakness, dizziness, nausea, chest tightness, spasms, if that happens, it is best to immediately cool well ventilated place, then cold, ice, etc. placed in the neck portion, forehead, armpits and groin, can be effectively cooled while drink some drinks containing an electrolyte such as sodium chloride; mild heat stroke in addition to the above several symptoms, is the most significant feature of a lot of sweat, blood pressure began to drop, sometimes there will be the phenomenon of shock; severe heat stroke, the most obvious feature is the rapid increase in body temperature, coma.


beloved little man: "If mild heat stroke, the patient can take over their own cooling treatment; if there is sense of shock but appeared, others should immediately add moisture to the patient, and then allowed to lie in the shade, unlock their tops, so that the body temperature is dissipated, and several parts of the above physical cooling with ice or ice water, then taken to the hospital immediately, otherwise it will cause severe heat stroke. mortality rate of severe heat stroke, typically 60 % -70%, once unconscious, while taking physical cooling to hurry to the hospital. "Women and older people, especially pregnant women, are at high risk of heat stroke, it is best to reduce out.


In addition, the vast majority of people believe that hot day with a drink iced drinks can cool hot weather, it is not. Beloved little man remind you eat too much cold is not only easy to heat stroke, but also aggravate the symptoms of heat stroke. After the large number of cold into the stomach, will quickly bring four unhealthy consequences: First, excessive drinking iced beverages, especially carbonated drinks, is necessary to dilute the body of water, the summer heat makes the body more vulnerable to attack; the second is too cold foods cause gastrointestinal spasm contraction, resulting in abdominal pain, diarrhea and other symptoms; three is eating too cold food will increase the burden on the heart, dilutes the gastric juice, affecting digestion, causing nausea, vomiting; Fourth, cold into the body, sudden drop in body temperature, heat accumulation in the body some parts can not be distributed, the chance of heat stroke doubles. The above points while in the human body, easier to heat stroke.


So in the end how much cold eat better? Beloved little man suggested iced drinks should not be more than 400 milliliters, that is the capacity of a bottle of Coke, ice cream should not be more than one, even though more than twice the interval also eatAt least two hours or more. Need to be reminded, the elderly, children, pregnant women, women menstruation is best to eat cold, because their digestive system is relatively weak, especially in infants and young children under 3 years of age, determined not to eat cold. People with cardiovascular disease is best not to eat cold food. Compared to a range of beverages and ice cream, cool white open is the best drink hot weather.


recommend beloved small man, not forget to take out hot days, cool oil, out too long, the timing of the shade to rest. To develop appropriate nap, bathe, good habit of eating light, eat more fish, meat, eggs, milk and beans.


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