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   health is inseparable from good water, good water quality needs water purifiers, water purifiers quality products and after-sale needs to be guaranteed. No matter what industry, product quality is the first place to be, to long-term success, you need to do to protect high-quality, water purification Agent is the same reason, the brand and quality are essential requirements. As agents, water purifiers to choose a good brand, you need to visit, with reference to various aspects of the product, policy, service, etc., select the appropriate local agency brand water purifier.



   plus fresh water is my countrys earlier open water purification product development, production of professional brand. In product development and production, with strict quality control, outstanding innovation, consistent focus on the high-end smart water purifier R & D and production. Add fresh water purifier brands rely on technology and manufacturing strength, to create a good quality and affordable products, and consumers won a lot of praise.

   plus eight fresh water was named "top ten brands", "quality of service and integrity outstanding enterprises", "National Excellent quality and integrity of the typical enterprise"; "household and similar DWTU super membrane "and" water purification industry groups standard drafting group members unit "," household and similar use drinking water treatment equipment reverse osmosis membrane "and" water purification industry standards group working group drafting the deputy head of the unit "; by the company IS09001 quality system certification and ISO14001 environmental certification system; has obtained more than 40 patents. Currently, fresh water is added to the water industry and within our customer base has a good reputation. Thanks to fresh water plus the scale and technological innovation strength, fresh water added to the product quality, delivery time, after-sales service, customer relationship maintenance won the trust of customers.

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