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  Our water purifier sales could break one hundred million? Author: Tim net water purifier Views: 501 Date: 2017-1-6 10:23:54 history purifier prosperity of our country, with the UK lagging behind compared to 130 years, compared with 40 years behind the United States, developed in Europe under prevailing national water purifier, water purifier popularity of our country the situation is still a blank. 鎴戝浗鍑€姘村櫒閿€閲忚兘鍚︾牬浜?_鍑€姘村櫒 water purifier from the early 1980s when the United States began to rise, to the early 1990s when only just begun to enter my countrys Shanghai. Since 1998 the Ministry of Health for the production of water purifiers and gradually strengthen supervision of the implementation of administrative examination and approval system, so that the water purifier production and product quality gradually regulate them. Since entering since 2000, the production scale of enterprises water purifier our rapidly expanding water industry is also growing rapidly and developed, and now get legal production Ministry of Health issued health permits water purifier companies have as many as thousand , production and marketing of all kinds of water purifiers over ten million units. Due to the large production, reduce production costs, water purifiers and spare parts, consumables price also dropped significantly, to become members of the public can afford, affordable household goods. At the same time, production enterprises to strengthen quality control, product quality and service life greatly improved after-sales service has also improved. And compared to bottled water, water purifier has many advantages, such as its easy to use, relatively affordable price and the current system with fresh water and so on advantages, the majority of residential customers welcomed and loved, is drinking water purification of the most widely used, the most promising approach. Our water purifier sales could break one hundred million? In the developed regions in Europe, America, Japan, and Taiwan of my country, the use of water purifier is very popular. But according to the survey, home ownership rates in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, yet less than 15%, have lower rates of other cities, and natural sources of water in most parts of water pollution, water quality municipal tap water is not ideal, so our water purification is great room for development, the market prospects and production potential is also very good. my countrys current 1.3 billion people, some 400 million households, at 25 percent, would need one hundred million water purification units, not to mention an even bigger international market yet. With the rapid economic development, increasing pollution of natural water sources; on the other hand, with the continuous improvement of peoples income and standard of living, quality of life, including drinking water qualityRequirements are also increasing. Drinking water and health has become the focus of attention and the focus of a lot of people, water purifiers will certainly every household, as popular as TV refrigerator, every family must become a resident of household items.

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