Vigilant really pay seven hundred two thousand yu c holwater

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   "A few days ago, there is a self-proclaimed water company employees young man water purifier home sales, said the country is now installed and subsidies, just to pay 700 yuan per household will be able to spend the original price of 2,000 yuan a water purifier, and also warranty decade! "recently, Wang Aimin, who lives in the West Village Street Sanshandao street call" Laizhou today "news hotline (2261234) told reporters reflect. "Water company employees" door to door "service" to install water purifiers countries and subsidies? This is really a good thing? This reporter conducted an interview survey.

   staff posing as water company, claiming that the country has installed a water purifier subsidies

   Recently, a water company employees claiming to be a young man knocked on the door Aimin home. "At that time, the man first introduced themselves and asked how to ask a simple home water quality, according to the company said that the unified arrangement of water to do some investigation." Aimin recalled that when he is not too concerned about the young man made the simple question was answered. After

   during the "Water quality survey," the man began, "Ruanmoyingpao." Wang Aimin memories, the young man explained that in order to solve the water problem in rural areas, in particular water company ordered a number of water purification, unified installation for the owners, and stressed that the country is now installing water purifiers, and subsidies, only 700 dollars you can free installation. "At that time men also describes in detail the benefits of water purifiers, saying you can effectively filter the water scale, bacteria and other impurities to ensure safe water quality." Aimin and their families to discuss and then decide whether to install the grounds, the man "advised from" .

   "At that time, not sure the man is not a water company employees, can not guarantee the quality of the water purifier. These days, people have been in our village turn to promote this water purifier." Said Wang Aimin .

   careful scam, failed to install water purification equipment will produce secondary pollution

   the public to reflect on the question, the reporter consulted the water company staff. "We never had any staff promote the installation of water purifier business, when faced with such a situation, the general public attention to the screening." City water company staff told reporters, in fact, this is someone selling fake water company staff another scam water purifier.

   Reporters learned that last year, there is one person posing as city water company employees, the name of unsolicitedWater companys banner in the urban areas require users to install multiple cells posting notice Pipeline kitchen water purifier, claiming excessive mineral water, each will need to install water purifiers water purification, inscribed as "water purification plant installations" and left a contact address and telephone number. Some residents mistaken for a notification issued by the water company, generating concerns about drinking water hygiene. "At that time, after a thorough investigation, we learned that the city posted advertiser is a distributor of water purification equipment, to assemble their own parties in order to sell water purifiers, privately printed notice, and give myself a water purification plant installations fake company name, so-called pipeline kitchen water purifier is the parties through the Internet and telephone, from the field to purchase a single bucket of water purifiers, packaging, hoses and other materials self-assemble. "City water company staff told reporters.

   city water supply is rigorously reaction precipitate was filtered, water treatment and disinfection processes, laboratories and quality of treated water per day stringent water quality testing, in full compliance with the production water "national drinking water health standards, "do not need to make any water treatment, please rest assured that the general public to drink. "Failed to install water purification equipment to purify water not only fail, but also secondary pollution, causing health hazards." City water company staff to remind, City Water Company did not sell any equipment or install water treatment unit or department please the general public must be vigilant to guard against fraud.

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