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   Calendar turn a new page had gone into 2015. Close of the year, hot water purifier market continues unabated, agents who ushered in the New Year sales season, water purifier manufacturers are also busy, one side is stepping up production, on the other side of the phone consultation to join cooperation ringing off the hook there are a lot of friends who came to Shenzhen water purifier manufacturers site visits, we are preparing for 2015.

   Review 2014, to water purification industry is bound to be an extraordinary year. In the past year, domestic water pollution incidents frequently, a spate of serious source of drinking water contamination crisis, people are worrying more and more drinking water environment, in this huge market demand, domestic water purifier manufacturers have sprung the increasing number of . But it has been the lack of mandatory national standards and effective supervision of the relevant functional departments, the water industry in the current situation of a "soaring" in. Water purification industry showed signs of "polarization" of some strength, good brand reputation (such as: Vishay Dayton, United States, Angel, etc.), development has entered the fast lane, further expand market share; and many profit-oriented water purifier Since manufacturers do not attach importance to the market, do not pay attention to quality, do not attach importance to support the agents, does not pay attention to after-sales, no long-term planning, and fall into spared from war situation, the result of damage to the agents, damage to the consumer, hurt themselves, but also undermines the good market order. Starting from the second half of 2014, the state began to water purification industry for quality control, exposure investigated more substandard product quality, production conditions are substandard water purifier manufacturers, Chinese water industry national quality inspection departments of strict control in under formulated and a series of industry-standard, I believe we will enter the orderly development stage.


   Vishay Dayton, a marketing director Zhang recently in an interview talked about, water purifier market is already quite mature in Europe, while in the country belong to an emerging industry, but the development is very rapid, especially is increasingly serious water pollution in the country, threatening the context of human existence, people have rigid demand for healthy drinking water, market demand on the plain, a conservative estimate, there are hundreds of billions of domestic water purifier market. And for those who want to invest in a water purifier to join friends on the products and markets are not very familiar, so choose water purifier brand, water purifier manufacturers when the more nerve-racking. Zhang gives some suggestions: in fact, to recognize the critical point will be able to make the right choice:

   1, look at the market share. Market testing is the touchstone of all, the market share is the market share, reflecting the proportion of a brand of similar products in the market share, reflecting the popularity of the brand, the manufacturers also reflects the strength and support for franchisees to market efforts. Vishay Dayton since entering the China market, with more than 100 high-quality free agents every year to support the goal of becoming the most important operation of the market leading brand in the industry, currently has more than 1,000 agent locations, a second and third tier cities throughout the country; [123 ]

   2, depending on the market survival. Survival is more important than market share as an indicator, but often overlooked, simply put, it is a must to make a. Brand development need a good product, but also need a good operation of the market, manufacturers and dealers are close partners, only mutual assistance, mutual benefit, in order to go long. The company has a long-term plan is considered a healthy development of enterprises to become bigger and stronger. Vishay Dayton done well in this regard, has been the biggest agents to support efforts for the sake of the agents is to think for themselves.

   3, manufacturers see strength. Manufacturers not only refers to the financial strength and the strength of the hardware, as well as the important point is that soft power, soft power, including the companys development plan, the companys team, the companys marketing strategy, the companys research and development capabilities, the companys management capacity, the companys brand culture and so it allows partners to see hope, see the future of soft power. 5A purification system concept Vishay Dayton has seen over the next 20 years, dedicated to all intelligent water purification systems and air purification systems, product development planning schedule has lined up in 2020, the concept of product technology leading peer 3-5 years, which is why Vishay Dayton from product concept to the cause has been at the forefront of the industry.

   4, see factory service. Big brands pay attention to long-term interests, so the big brands in addition to pay attention to quality, pay more attention to the service. Said Zhang, director of after-sales service is a brand of mirrors, is a conscientious corporate responsibility, service concept Vishay Dayton is three heart: sincerity, patience, careful, and this is Vishay Dayton agents to get recognition, to continued rapid development of important reasons.

   5, manufacturers look to support efforts. Vishay Dayton is known as Chinas water industry dark horse, entered the Chinese market in a short period of time more than three years has become a household name within three or four years, Vishay Dayton free to support more than 100 per year of high quality agents, the current high-quality agents throughout the countryThe total number of providers have more than 300, more than 1000 agent locations, making Vishay Dayton sales outlets everywhere, as long as help agents help sales, Vishay Dayton manufacturers are strongly supported, Vishay Dayton to agents the feeling is the word - at ease.

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