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reverse osmosis water purifier is a water purification system consists of a filter and reverse osmosis unit , as well as dosing means disinfecting composition. Preprocessing filter is mainly to ensure that the water quality of reverse osmosis, reverse osmosis conditions to avoid clogging fouling.


The working principle of reverse osmosis: Reverse osmosis is the most sophisticated liquid membrane separation technology is applied to the operating pressure in the inlet (concentrated solution) to overcome the natural osmotic pressure side, when the operating pressure is above the osmotic pressure of the natural from the flow direction of the water molecules when added to the concentrated solution side of the natural infiltration will be reversed, the inlet portion of the water molecules (concentrated solution) in purified water production becomes dilute solution through a reverse osmosis membrane side; reverse osmosis equipment can block all of the dissolved salts of organic and molecular weight of greater than 100, but allows water molecules to pass through reverse osmosis composite membrane is generally greater than 98% rejection rate.


osmosis purifier advantages:




1, a reverse osmosis purifier water quality security.


Reverse osmosis water purifier capable of removing various harmful impurities, water taste good, can reduce water hardness, the container does not have a scale boiler. And speaks harmful radioactive particles, organic matter, a fluorescent material, get rid of pesticides, can also be annoying alkali and heavy metals repel water, to ensure that you do not have time to boil water in a water base, while ensuring the health of their families.




2, a reverse osmosis water purification easy maintenance, long life.


The reverse osmosis water purification unit having a high degree of automation, stable, permeable amount, desalination rate, devices are small, simple, easy to maintain, adaptability, and long service life.

The picture shows the charm is still a reverse osmosis water purifier models

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