Principles of water purification equipment

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   Although many people have come into contact with water purification equipment. But I do not quite understand it. 2020-06-04 small series to introduce water purification equipment What is the principle of knowledge.




With the improvement of peoples consumption level, bottled water has become the main form of household drinking water. Some families will choose another way as water purification equipment drinking water, I think it could "once and for all", quickly and easily drink pure, healthy drinking water. The most important role is to improve the water purification equipment, can drink, bottled water alternative, cheaper and more hygienic. So, what is the principle of water purification equipment? Because too many kinds of water purification equipment involved, their principles are in fact very much the same, Xiao Bian being the most representative water purifier described as an example, we were going to learn Lets see.


before understand how water purifier First is that the structure of the water purifier. Structures of different composition of the water purifier is not the same. Reverse osmosis water purification filter 5 is standard, mainly PP cotton, granular activated carbon pre, pre-compression of carbon, the RO reverse osmosis membrane, the activated carbon and the like; water purifier ultrafiltration membrane is based other filter such as activated carbon (not including an energy filter) supplemented; energy water purifier, the composition of the filter structure is added alone or in a composite mineral fossil, living fossil stone small molecule, alkaline balls, magnetic fossils help the body absorb water purification components.


of course it works the different water purifier is not the same. The quality of the water purifier, a water purifier filter into a single, dual stage filter, three filters, four filters, five or even ten filter filtration. Single filter works by removing water with charcoal heterochromatic odor, but for the quality of drinking water sources, tap water is generally filtered can not have a need to boil; hi long dual stage filter is further based on the removal of impurities need a large adsorption chlorine, improves the taste of water, but this is better than the single filtered water taste, others are similar. These filters are a polypropylene fiber filter remove greater than 5渭m floats and granule material with clarified water 5渭mPP 1渭m or cotton.


the other three, works four, five water purifier more confusion about. Three filters on the basis of the above two-stage filter with the further addition of porous ceramic filter 0.1渭mCF whole diatoms, this will remove the waterEscherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, after the process can be achieved by standard purification, drink directly; four filters on the basis of three PPF also used with polypropylene fibers + UDF coconut shell activated carbon particles bis heterochromatic stage filter can remove the odor of water, the purified water with fresh water, has a sweet taste glycol, drink directly, but better taste than three filter; higher level are filtered through many processes, mostly with in industry, so that a small group of water molecules, a magnetic memory, more time to maintain the water activity, the small molecule is not water-reducible.


through these presentations, I am sure you know the right knowledge of water purification equipment. You also promise that you will ask: at home it is necessary to install water purification equipment found in small series of small household water knowledge base answer is yes, ride it, you can rest assured that the drinking water at home?.




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