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In recent years, as peoples living standards are improving, and growing concerns about the health of drinking water, the domestic water purification industry burgeoned, water purifiers in the beginning of all households. However, due to the lack of market supervision system, making the water purifier market chaos phenomena like the wide range of products, good and bad, brand miscellaneous and chaos, so that consumers pick dazzled, it has no standard for comparison.

   It is understood that techniques can be divided by the water purification filter, activated carbon adsorption, membrane technology, electrolysis technology, several types of dissolution, where the film technology can be divided into microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and trans penetration. UF water purifier without the plug; equipped with a reverse osmosis water purification booster rod, the plug needs.

   for the purchase of water purification standards interviewed the water purifier experts. According to experts, the purchase from the water purifier may refer to the perspective of the following seven:

   angle a: for choice UF water purification

   There are a variety of water purification, there are many manufacturers producing various concepts themselves, such as mineral water machine, water machine, water purifier, etc., Yunshanwuzhao. In fact, you only need to know the most crucial point to only buy ultrafiltration water purifiers, because China is increasingly serious water pollution, only such machine in order to ensure the health and safety of drinking water, ultrafiltration membrane pores to filter out out of the water sediment, rust, suspended solids, colloids, bacteria, organic molecules and other harmful substances and retain beneficial minerals and trace elements, to effect direct consumption, attentive care of human health.

   angle II: for choice of the most professional

   In recent years, the rapid development of domestic water purifier industry. After years of development of the water purifier market, as well as survival of the fittest of the market, some good quality good brand reputation gradually stand out from the water purifier brand, water purifier became the industry leader. At present the water purifier brands have their own strengths in different areas.

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