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kitchen faucet water filter is changed relatively commonly used as a drinking water purification equipment simple and easy to install on the faucet, use. Straight drink machine is an apparatus to provide drinking water, is tap water purifier upgrade, through its built-in filter to filter out impurities in tap water of drinking water quality standards and outputs. Then the water purification effect between both of them what difference does it make?


a. The difference between the effect of the use of


straight drink machine is mainly used high-precision the five filtration process, the terminal tap water filtration treatment, to purify drinking water, which is a high quality treated effluent drinking water, unscrew the tap to drink, that the drink, avoid secondary pollution, water activity, high oxygen content, can promote human metabolism, enhance the vitality of human cells.


And faucet water as a miniature water treatment equipment, some of the water purification, generally installed in the kitchen, filtered water is small amount, short life, easy to plug the filter, compared with the professional water treatment products still a big gap.


II. Distinction with the filter material filtering level


faucet water filter which has only one plane PP filter. Straight drink machine is different, in addition to the PP cotton, particulate activated carbon, small T33, T33 large, ultrafiltration membrane, the RO membrane softening resin filter, mineral fossils multiple filters, are also at least three filters, the better are five filters.


III. Distinction control mode


straight drink which are generally equipped with a control valve head, the cartridge can be periodically flushing the filter housing, to intercept impurities washed away, to ensure purifying effect. And although leading water purifier filter has some effect, but must be frequently changed only ensure the stability of the filter filtering effect, but also pay attention to cleaning and disinfection process cartridge, since a long time in the future, there will be a lot of bacteria accumulate in the filter in .


In summary, although the tap water purifier is much lower than the price of drink straight, but in the water treatment technologies and the results, far less than the tap water purifier drinking straight, eliminationFee in the purchase, according to their actual situation to consider options. Faucet water filter on those things you need to know


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