Principle ECON analysis of water purifier

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   the worlds most serious water pollution, water shortage exacerbated contradictions. Traditional water treatment methods can not guarantee to provide good quality drinking water, but also in the municipal water supply, there are still two problems of pollution, such as high-level water tank, long water pipelines, can cause potential rust, scale and microbial contamination and other problems, therefore, various brands of water purifiers came into being.

   There are a variety of water purification products, single-stage products, but also how class products, but not to say that the more the better series, we want to know whether the filter is in compliance standards for drinking water quality to understand the science.

   pure water using reverse osmosis technology are the United States, the use of imported reverse osmosis membrane. this technology is widely used in medicine (such as kidney dialysis), electronics, aerospace ago (astronaut fluid circulation), water desalination and other high-tech fields, the use of this technology in recent years has developed a suitable home water purification equipment used in the private sector. it works by applying some pressure on the water, the water molecules and ions state mineral elements by a reverse osmosis membrane, and most of the inorganic salts dissolved in water (including heavy metals), organic and bacteria, viruses, etc. can not pass through the reverse osmosis membrane, so that the pure water permeate through the permeate and the concentrate is not strict separation of water; Reverse osmosis membrane pore size is only 0.0001 micron, and the virus is generally 0.02-0.4 micron in diameter, has a diameter of 0.4-1 microns common bacteria, so you can rest assured that bold to drink water out of the machine in . springs

   series of pure fresh filter function, for example:

   first stage: PP cotton filter

   the acrylic fiber filter inlet header, the effective removal of mud in the raw water is greater than 5u sand, rust, colloid, suspended substance etc., a raw water to achieve excellent filtering effect.

   Second stage: Front activated carbon filter

   effectively remove chlorine, chloroform, odor, color, fine suspended solids and other harmful substances.

   Third stage: PP cotton filter

   The acrylic fiber filter inlet header, after removal of the carbon feed material pre-activated over. Ensure access ultrafiltration membrane filter to improve water quality outstanding, the effective protection of a booster pump and RO membranes, long life, to ensure product quality.

   Fourth stage filter: RO reverse osmosis membrane filter

   machine core member, U.S. astronauts cycle using drinking water reverse osmosis membrane technology advanced; above its average water filtration desalination rate 97.5% purity , if the aperture accuracy as in the 0.0001 micron filter hole constituent; effective chlorine in the filtered water, chloroform, pesticide residues, chemicals, organic, carcinogens, bacteria, viruses, heavy metals and other hazardous substances; (cholera, E. coli, phenol, chloroform); allowing only water molecules, by dissolved oxygen, to achieve 99% pure clean water quality.

   Fifth stage: post carbon filter rod

   of purified water effectively adsorb color, smell; improving water taste, sweet mellowness, safety and health

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