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   concerned about water purification industry trends, inventory Weekly News. Review last week, Kang Hua-run health healthy drinking water, promote new ideas; deepwater Heiner Chinese water industry brand event for four consecutive years ranked brand, and so on industry events one after another. Below, China water purifier small plait ( takes you review last week (12.04-12.10) water purifiers top ten hot news.

   Enterprise article:

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   - M 道 promote a healthy run new concept of healthy drinking water

   "Water is the source of life," the people who want to raise awareness of healthy drinking water , choose to use big brand household water purification equipment to ensure drinking water safety and health of themselves and their families. In order to fully do the job Huimin drinking water, - M first proposed the "Consumers do not have to spend a penny, - M Intelligent Water Purifier can take home free, water-free experience healthy life!" - M, people people enjoy and clean water, new music to enjoy a healthy life. [Click for more]

   deepwater Heiner Chinese water industry brand event for four consecutive years ranked brand

   as Shenzhen Water Purifier Association unit, with continuous technological innovation and excellent product quality Sham Heiner leading the way for years, for four consecutive years gains Chinese water industrys top ten most competitive brand, the commercial value of the investment brands, consumers satisfied with the brand, the leading brand of quality and integrity of a number of awards, out of a "Made in China "the international route, the water industry has become a benchmark" boss "! [click for more]

   an Star water purifier high-speed rail ad struck again will penetrate to every household water purifier concept

   [ 123] high quality water purifiers to create the life you and I together, Ann Star water purifier hope more and more people understand the security of the Star, understand water purifier for overweight branding, but also want to be able to install water purification concept Star and faith is communicated to every user, penetrated into every home, so that more and more people feel safe Star brand style, feel safe Star immersive "net" health "drink" protect! [click for more ]

   Stig is committed to help poor local water purification accurate Lulong beautiful rural development

   in October, saying "I am most worried about is poor people" once again maxed network, but also to the people deeply felt commitment to the country to win the battle of poverty. December 3, in Qinhuangdao City LulongCounty clam Park Town Song Liuhe village, beautiful countryside Lulong County Shenzhen Stig environmental water purifier poverty ceremony was successfully held. Scene, Stig water purifier for the local beautiful rural low households, poor households, who donated 268,000 yuan worth of 100 water purifier. The ceremony, after Stig water purifiers said it will continue to donate poverty reduction machine, a total of 1,000 units, worth a total of 3.4 million yuan! [Click for more]

   never sink water purifier start another wave of successful signing of Heze in Shandong [ 123]

   years of sword, clean water Heroes Yong Hui -! enjoy a lasting good water, Newell life, with "leading technology, quality products, service integrity," have become "net water depth customization net water brand ", known as" water purification industry pioneer. " Brand, both public recognition is also a powerful testimony! Set the industry benchmark for water purification, so that everyone can enjoy a safe and healthy good water, is for ever and exchange team struggle mission. [Click for more]

   industry articles:

   water purification industry transformation and upgrading of the Internet to build intelligent water purifier industry 鍑€姘村櫒

   Intelligent Water Purifier with many intelligent home appliances compared to a relatively new industry, but the technology is already precipitation for decades. The upgrading of numerous intelligent water purifier products, such products created today is not technically inferior to other traditional appliances. Todays smart water purifier, not only is healthy drinking water protection, home decorating style is also a perfect match. Domestic water purifier market is in full swing so that more high-tech companies to join together to create Internet smart water purifier industry. [Click for more] Status

   2017, industry analyst drinking water purifier strong incoming

   It is reported that 2017 could be a thorough reform of the water industry. Not only will drinking out of sight, water purification industry will usher in its heyday. We have been accidents and low quality standards of bottled water drinking fountain caught fire and exploded in the market has given way to the brink of bankruptcy, together with the pressure and the introduction of new standards for drinking water purifier entering the market is to let water dispenser market even worse. [Click for more]

   grasp the trend of consumption upgrade water purification products change and development

   In recent years, water purifier brand continues to develop, progress in science and technology, water purification products are also increasingly continuous integration the more technology content. Smart water purification, water purifiers equipped with ultraviolet black antivirus technologyIs the full sense of science and technology, convenience, good performance, no doubt bring more consumers shopping experience. Smart water purification products are designed from the consumers needs, learn from the advanced water purification technology, the use of such user-friendly design ideas, and ultimately achieve the purpose of increasing the user experience. [Click for more]

   water purification industry reshuffle continues staged ferret out hidden behind the

   in September 2017, AQSIQ issued "on 2017, on its official website water purification products informed of special quality supervision and spot checks ", but also publicity of the" 2017 water purifier product quality supervision and special checks the list of products and their manufacturers "and" water purifier product quality supervision and spot checks twice checks failed list of enterprises. " [Click for more]

   consciousness gradually purifier water purifier how to open the rural market, grasp the business opportunities

   a set of survey data show: there are now 298 million rural residents nationwide unsafe drinking water, 20 percent of urban residents drinking water sources of non-compliance. The characteristics of rural water pollution presents diversity: our environment in many types of pollutants, water pollutants only surface water environmental quality standards involved reached 109, but the actual types of pollutants may reach hundreds. Some pollutants above a certain concentration in the environment or through the accumulation of a certain time, it will threaten the security environment and peoples health. [Click for more]

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