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   If the first few years of water industry is a cottage enterprise paradise, now, their nightmare came. In major brands continue to upgrade technology, product innovation and continuous pressure, a lot of lack of core technology and R & D strength, rely on selling low-end products, the price war of enterprises will be eliminated. Full channel monitoring data Orville cloud network (AVC) shows that between 2015 and 2016, water industry, there have been 144 and 179 cottage, inferior brand disappeared in the market; and in 2017, the market share will continue to have the strength of a few large brand focus, industry reshuffle has come. In the wave of reshuffle, as the water purification business, how to do footing, it even further? Chinas leading brand water purifier Patio can be said to set an example for the industry.

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   high-end products to boost brand image

   cottage enterprises, products phased out, largely influenced by the rise of big consumer brand awareness and recognition of degrees. In the Baidu search index, and "water purifier" Search has a strong correlation with the words contained largely mainstream brand related words. This means that consumers in the search for water purification, tend to buy from a brand perspective to delineate the scope of, and for example, Patio, AO Smith and other famous brands, will undoubtedly have a strong advantage, and these high-end market for mainstream brands pursuit, is self-evident.

   can be seen from the data monitoring Orville cloud network (AVC) line, January-April more than 5,000 high-end product purification pin has accounted for more than 34%, an increase of 9% . Therefore, to embark on high-end line, boost brand image, to become one of the future for water purification business.

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   is a process of water purification products, with the upgrading of consumer spending power, water purification product prices, higher quality are synchronized. In this process, Patio and gradually occupied the leader position in the industry. The past two years QR-RF-403A, QR-RO-400A, QR-RU-05D and other products, 2017 new QR-RL-403B, QR-RU-506A, QR-RF-407A and other high-end Patio water purification products, water purification performance, quality has produced improved significantly. Based on personal experience of high-quality products, consumer acceptance of high quality products will be increasingly higher, Patio and other big brands also was able to gain market success.

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   "end of the road, not all companies can take only a class only has the Patio ability to innovate, but also have the technical strength of the company to complete the upgrade, but there is no core technology, do not think innovative companies are still not escape the fate of being eliminated. "industry observers say, Patio achievement in the field of high-end water purification thanks to years of innovation and technological heritage, and water purification companies wishing to achieve high-end leap, first technology and innovation from their own forces grabbed.

   superior service to promote enterprise upgrade

   as a water purifier installed like household appliances, replacement filters and other after-sales service is essential, once the sale has been missing, the consumer experience must fall. In this way, we can not provide quality service to consumers purifier companies will be difficult to attract the consumers secondary consumption. Patio water purification products themselves aware of the special nature of service requirement is especially strict.

   It is understood that, in the Patio of the service system has been further enriched and improved, currently in the country already has more than 15,000 service outlets, and the establishment of a standardized CSM customer management system, detailed records of user information. It is worth mentioning that the Patio also established a service call centers, customer service team of over 100 people 365 days year-round, reply, answer user consultation, the perfect solution because the market after-sales network coverage area expansion appears not timely follow-up The problem.

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   For subsequent water purifier maintenance problems, but also gives a solution Patio. Patio required after-sales service team, not only to do maintenance work product itself, but also to carry out regular visits to the user for the core services, including telephone interviews the user to properly use the product, improve user files, timely to remind the user to clean or replace the filter, reverse red and so on.

   "pre-sales, after-sales service is a major bottleneck in the development of the water industry, water purification enterprises only by constantly improve the service system, in order to allow consumers to enjoy clean water due life, enhance the brand image." Industry say, through a series of after-sales service, Patio been highly recognized by consumers, which is one of the important Patio be able to rely on a firm footing even farther and faster in the reshuffle.

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