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   Now many families have to buy a faucet water filter, the water purifier how to install it? The following small series to introduce the Philips faucet water purifier installation method.




faucet water filter not only has hot and cold water control, as well as purification, reverse flushing, automatic sewage functions, safe water faucet water filter do? Of course the security, can vegetables, wash rice, cooking, soup, tea and so provide a safe, healthy drinking water, but also to wash your face, brush your teeth to provide clean wash water, then how to install the water purifier it? The following small series to introduce the Philips faucet water purifier installation method it.


The first step: Check the spare parts are complete.


Second step: a host connected to the filter.


Third step: loading RO membrane with an appropriate wrench and screw down the joints filter flask.


Step 4: Remove the pressure tank, the pressure tank is mounted on the small inlet and outlet pressure of the ball valve barrel (Note: Do not rotate too tight, easy to crack).


Step 5: mounting onto the tap water canal proper position (the spindle head gasket load tap water faucet canal perforation placed at fixed).


The sixth step: fixed faucet, then the faucet 2 is inserted into the distributor connector (Note: 2 in charge of the faucet connection must be in place, a suitable length of charge 2).


Seventh Step: cutting each tube suitable raw water, pure water, pressure tank, the waste water pipes are connected.


Eighth Step: The total inlet valve is closed, the water and the three-way ball valve installed 2 minutes (note: do not mistake the hot and cold water inlet pipe machine, RO machine water is a cold water before installation detecting water pressure, such as greater than 0.4MPa Please install the pressure reducing valve means)


step Nine: first pressure tank connected to the host, then the host connected with the water inlet, cut appropriate length waste water outlet pipe connected to the other end connected to the sewer, then tie fixed waste pipe.


Step 10: straighten each access good water, and tied with ties.


eleventh step (debug): The pressure tank is laid with the host and straighten out various water pipes, plugged in open water (Note: Be sure to double-check whether the good water straighten out, to prevent water discount).


TwelfthStep three: Open the pressure barrel ball valve and check the joints nut seepage debugging.


Thirteenth Step: to explain to the customer, using the Notes (Note: the machine of water for 1 hour, please put the finished water pressure in the tub, then put the barrel finished after 1 hour, then the water can be drunk directly).


fourteenth step: cleaning on-site sanitation, good water canal smear, tidy.


The above method is to install a water purifier to introduce, we want to help, if you want to know more detailed knowledge of small household drinking water, please continue to focus on Internet cafes.




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