Why water purifier system is small- Three reasons can lead t

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   home water purifier system before completion can take a dozen cups of water, but now only drink five or six cups of water, what causes it? . Xiao Bian finishing the three causes of water purifiers water quantity is small, with a look.




of water purifiers Why smaller? Three reasons can cause (Photo from Internet)

   First: a long time without water purifier filter cleaning

   Most cases are caused because of this, because long periods of cleaning the filter, it will lead to disruption of water, the filter is clogged. When this happens, we will be the first time for each filter cleaning all the time, (only one filter can not be cleaned oh).

   Second: the water pressure abnormality

   (pressure gauge) pressure generally occurs normally in a normal state 0.3MPA, more than 0.3 but will result in reduced water ultrafiltration system, this is mainly because the water pressure caused by too much membrane resistance increases, the influence of water. 0.3MP in the range, the higher the pressure, the greater the water purifier system. So high and low water pressure may have resulted in smaller water purifier system. In this case, we need to test the water pressure with a pressure gauge, water pressure is too low if you need to install a booster pump. You can install a pressure reducing valve is too high.

   Third: booster pump or abnormal power adapter

   If the RO is installed at home reverse osmosis membrane water purification, of water occurs because there may be smaller booster pumps occur problems, leading to low water pressure. Thus resulting in the case of pure water mechanism smaller or no water appears. If this kind of problem we can only replace a booster pump.

   at the time of water purifiers encounter smaller, we must promptly identify the cause and solve the problem, do not delay drinking water health life Oh!

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