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Recently, Shangqiu City of Industry 3.15 Complaint Center received consumer complaints, said Mr. Zhang, but the situation drainage of a large supermarket Shangqiu City Liangyuan spent 1650 yuan to buy a water purifier appears asking for Industry and Commerce personnel investigation. After receiving the complaint, the complaint center duly constituted law enforcement officers quickly went to investigate. Through several rounds of consultations to reach a mediation agreement with the dealers, merchants finally agreed to a full refund Mr. Zhang, this mediation, consumers were very satisfied.


As peoples living standards improve, household water purifiers become a lot of daily necessities. Now brand water purification products on the market quite a lot, how to choose a water purifier and how to use it scientifically? To remind consumers to buy time should pay attention to the following aspects:


First, whether manufacturers have health permits this document. Production of water purifier manufacturers must obtain a health permit higher health supervision departments through technical supervision departments identified, in line with the countrys "production of drinking water quality standards."


Second, select some well-known, good reputation of the brand. Water purifier home appliance market was mixed, not to be confused confusing information, quality is good, the brand speak for themselves. General certification more comprehensive, better-known brands will be more reliable quality assurance. As you can see if through the international quality management system certification, if certification authority such as the Ministry of Health. It can also determine the strength of the brand in the market under the brand influence and sales outlets.


Third, the product should be selected in the processing technique. No matter what kind of appliances, must meet its related effects can, so to see if it can remove water, sediment contamination, impurities, bacteria, heavy metals, etc. when choosing a water purifier, is able to retain the original trace elements in water, etc. . To buy the latest technology products, such as the two products are the first generation technology and fifth-generation technology, it will certainly be selected fifth-generation technology, the only technology can yield excellent safety and health of good water.


Fourth, step installation and service. Domestic household water purifier with a different, not once, which filter should be replaced at regular intervals. Home water treatment equipment require professional regular cleaning, maintenance, disinfection, or deposition of impurities in the water purifier to breed bacteria, while the filter function decline, can not play a good purifying effect. So when choosing a water purifier, depending on the business after-sales service has no professional team, the system is perfect, there is noStrength in the later use to provide reasonable and meticulous service to consumers. This can save a lot of trouble, you can remove the worries of consumers.

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