Water purifier market chaos reborn AQSIQ checks launed in Se

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   "At present, China has more than 3000 water purifier manufacturers, because there is no standard, the market chaos reborn, to the moment of the regulation must be." Yesterday, China Household Electrical Appliances Research Institute and Testing Technology Research Institute Lu Jianguo said the country AQSIQ will be officially launched in September this year, spot checks of water purifier.

   Lu Jian said that the current threshold for the production of water purifiers in our country is relatively low, manufacturers only need to get approval document original health health sector can produce, sell water purification products. The test methods Health this document, but to ensure that no secondary pollution of water purifiers, water purifiers which is the minimum requirement, and for water purification efficiency, electrical safety, structural safety and other safety and performance, the country has a lack of appropriate norms . This also caused the market is chaotic, water purification machines of varying quality.



   Zhao Jing Beijing Origin Water Technology Co., Ltd. membrane water purification business unit manager, said water purifier core technology is the use of ultra-filtration membrane. "Do not underestimate this film, some manufacturers make a fuss in the membrane, resulting in membrane and membrane has a world of difference." He told reporters that some water purifier manufacturers in order to ensure the hydrophilic membrane, the membrane will be in put glycerol. After such glycerol rushed to the water, a breeding ground for bacteria. "Sometimes a consumer travel four or five days came back to open water purification machines, will smell very unpleasant smell is caused by this reason."

   Zhao Jing also revealed that water purifier placed over membrane, for sterilization. However, some reluctant to invest small manufacturers, purchasing is an ultrafiltration membrane with different pore sizes or very thin film, reducing the cost. "Red water a very thin film cut off. Not achieve the effect of sterilization."

   Research and water purifiers Performance Testing Center, Chinese Academy of home appliances Rendeng Zhe, said water purifier market frequent chaos, because our country is not issued the relevant testing standards. "And sixth hydraulic pressure of the first floor is not the same, in the case where the hydraulic pressure is increased at night, if the water purifier pressure member can not reach a certain level of pressure, the water storage tank leakage easily occurs, blast. "

   It is understood, led by the Chinese Academy of home appliances water purifier performance Research and testing Center for the drafting of Chinas water purifier testing standards was launched recently, is expected to introduce next year. The AQSIQ will start in September this year for the first time checks on water purifier market.

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