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  Why the hotel to install a commercial straight drinking fountains? Author: Tim net water purification Views: 298 Published: 2019-1-24 15:44:58 With the rapid development of modern means of transport, communication technologies, which control the world how much you want to be able to see what time immediately, and swagger to walk in the road to freedom. While tourism wind and water, to provide accommodation services for visitors to the hotel industry contacts not succeed more so, increasingly fierce market competition. In recent years, high-end hotels continue to strengthen second-tier cities layout, economy hotel chain longing for change and innovative, rapidly expanding boutique hotels, bed and breakfasts, inns and other non-standard policy of accommodation with the spring breeze continues to grow, the hotel industry is facing a new market shuffle restructuring. To stand in the fierce competition in an invincible position in the hotel industry, attention to detail, the pursuit of improving the quality of service is the only way. For providing high-quality service, known for the hotel, offers clean, healthy, safe drinking water is also a hotel should be some "self-cultivation." Cooking with pure water of high quality food to enhance the taste of the meal, the guests meet the dual needs for healthy and delicious; the use of drinking water in the room, enhance the hotel style environment, but also provide real drinking water for guests convenience, directly reflect the nuanced hotel services. Purchase commercial property in the straight drinking fountains, drinking water quality from the lift to see the great small, in shaping the minds of the guests warm and comfortable, professional and trustworthy image of the hotel guests to enhance the favorability of the hotel, to establish a good reputation of the industry, to further enhance the hotel competitiveness. Safe and reliable commercial straight drink machine has the function of intelligent detection of water quality, water quality and safety in ensuring the premise of providing adequate amount of drinking water, drinking water can effectively meet the needs of guests. Attaching a commercial straight drink machine in the hotel for guests to send clean and healthy, high-quality drinking water, let Renzailvtu time off to stay at home can feel as comfortable as peace of mind, when then departed, pleasant relaxed, full of vitality.

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