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  Water purifier is not equal 鈮?"reverse osmosis" water purifier

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do a water purifier should first consider what? An estimated 100 people have asked 101 answers. As a material made of technical staff, I think the first thing to consider is the core component of water purifier - filter. Nearly three years of data from the spring to be clear that, in order to reverse osmosis membrane as the representative of a semipermeable membrane filter water purifier has become a small niche products accounted for more than half of household water purifier market, hot mass products. Willing to be roughly attributed to: a government more transparent, a lot of wading environmental events can be announced for the first time; Second, public health awareness of water getting better and better; Third, extensive land and our people, the surface water and ground water because of geographical factors and other man-made factors have led to complex water quality, and now most of the domestic drinking water treatment can not meet peoples requirements for water depth. Then the future of home water purifier filter market is not that reverse osmosis semipermeable membrane represented by the world? Personally think that this is one-sided, no matter from "water ten" release, or explicit reference to the government above 2015 government report on water pollution control, the Government of water governance is imperative, while people on the health of the water requirements more and more, as household water purification drinking water processing terminal device will surely be a major change occurs, it should be to diversification and development of personality, then the future home water purifier filter will diversify.





diversification of household water purifier filter is inseparable from the development and applied research, the two parts should be based on household water purification industry, the current staff engaged in water purification and many more personnel in mechanical majority, actually engaged in the development and application of filter researchers are few and far between. Most of the whole enterprise specialized in filter applications almost no analysts, this result is that most of the development of product homogeneity, the market did not distinguish between resistance, current household water purifiersThe market almost can be considered "a film walk the world", resulting in the replacement of many products is upgrading the appearance and structure of the health-conscious people blind short-term demand will also promote the vigorous development of the market, but with the government on water governance investment and public health consciousness change, then the whole enterprise can not be a film with anything? It had an estimate should be the answer. Perhaps most people would think this is alarmist, then on home water purifier market in Europe and America to sell very fire percolator should be reminder to everyone. Personally I think that the industry can only continue to reinforce their foundation to go further, but will not be a flash in the pan.





Individual Development household water purifiers, this must stand on diversification and specialization based on the premise. Customization is currently the general public is already no stranger to a variety of customized furniture, appliances and services, filled with our lives. So what personalized home water purifier should be? The first is very professional, the user can achieve water quality very professional judgment, these require a professional and easy analytical instruments and professionals. At the same time we can set the desired target customers highly specialized solutions. The second is diversification, to have very many options to deal with water quality in different regions, we targeted to meet the different needs of customers. Like the state legislature, as required for different customers, conduct on-site professional services. The core is inseparable from the diversity of water purifier, this diversity is not the homogenization of water purifiers or the appearance of a variety of structures, but a very high degree of professional water purifiers, water purifiers have distinctive , in short, diversity filter, and various filters can freely mix. Supplies and other highly adaptability, such as pumps, valves and bottles by filtration to meet various needs. With the people of enhancing consumer awareness and understanding of water purifier for water, so water purifier necessarily like other personalized products, requires targeted to address the desired target customers.


tough 2015 is over, how can easily face a tougher 2016 - "涓旇涓旂弽鎯?" Sun Yat-sen to borrow a word "revolution is not successful, comrades still work."


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