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   When it comes to penetration of water purifiers, I must mention a phenomenon - foreigners do not drink hot water, many Westerners do not have the habit of drinking hot water, even in winter often drink tap water, one is eating habits dictates, on the other hand highlights the West superior purification technology, it is what causes the difference in the popularity of Chinese and foreign water purifier it?




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   compared to the color, flavor and taste of the major domestic cuisine and a variety of delicious snacks, the West is more emphasis on rational diet, such as cereals, salads, steaks, small but nutrient-rich dishes . It is based on the concept of diet, Western countries have for food quality and hygiene relatively stringent requirements, pay more attention to the quality of drinking water, which is also one of the reasons for the high water purification concept of Western countries.

   healthy consumption concept

   consumption in the health sector, the domestic general will focus tonic health, but ignore the impact of the living environment on health, the Western countries are good at improving the living environment by technological means, for higher household usage of water, cleanliness directly affect the health of their families, and therefore become a common way to purify water purifier family life, drinking water, and can effectively remove bacteria, viruses and other harmful substances, reduce damage to human health, protect the water of life safety of the family.

   purification methods

   In fact, at home and abroad have purify consciousness but in different ways, as people used to heat the water before drinking that hot water can kill and destroy bacteria in the water, or by drinking fountains direct drinking water. However, after boiling in water harmful substances still remaining, repeated heating will increase the nitrite content, can cause excessive toxicity or carcinogenicity. After drinking fountains used for some time, but also prone to secondary pollution, compared to install water purifiers will be safer and more convenient.

   future trends in water purifier

   With the rapid development of modern industry, water is becoming polluted from industrial waste water, agriculture, domestic water, combined water distribution network and high-rise water tank interaction, water pollution is getting worse. Healthy water, quality of life is increasingly becoming the modern sense of family, let themselves and their families from harmful substances abuse in the future, water purifier will be widely applied to each family.

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