Would you believe steaming water to make ricmornutritis it-

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  Would you believe steaming water to make rice more nutritious it? Author: Tim net water purification Views: 854 Date: 2016-9-6 9:52:25 Tian concept of drinking pure water brands on the net machine market more and more, a mineral water Ltd. introduced a new cooking rice with water, this water can make rice known as "more fragrant and more nutritious." Beijing Chinese Commercial News reporters Jin Erdiao and Cha Faxian calcium content in rice treasure indeed higher than other mineral products, but high calcium content can make out of cooking rice is more nutritious sweet it? Calcium content no effect on this cooking rice steamed rice with water, 1.5L loaded price is $ 5. The company website description: for steaming rice, porridge, a lot of calcium, magnesium and other minerals are absorbed by rice, rice capsules crystal clear, soft and delicious, more delicious and more nutritious. Beijing Chinese Commercial News reporters Jiu Cixiang and Gai Gongsi consumer hotline, the hotline staff: "water contains high mineral elements, the elements and rice in certain substances react chemically to make rice more mellow." Beijing Daily reporters also found that online store, the clerk at the time of selling the water, the main "calcium content is ordinary mineral water 3-5 times." After comparison, indeed, as described hotline staff, among the calcium content of this rice cooking water than other mineral water brands on the market, the calcium content is 70-130mg / L, indeed several times higher than ordinary mineral water . However, the calcium content means that another job will play a better role in the process of cooking rice in it? In this regard, China Association of Integrative Medicine Committee, two national public nutritionist Geng snow has denied. She explained: "The higher the calcium contained in the water, salty water will tend to be hard, drink up and taste will be relatively poor treasure-meter mineral elements contained in food and nutrition from the chemical point of view, and does not occur with rice. significant chemical reaction. Therefore, the calcium content meter main treasure is 3-5 times that of ordinary mineral water for cooking time to make more fragrant rice more nutritious, in fact has little to do with these elements. "

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